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Think of PC Silencers as sleeper agents. They live their lives as a normal human, doing normal human things, thinking that they are no different than their neighbors or who they go to school with. Then wham, sometime in the future usually between 13 and 20 there programming kicks in. Suddenly they know that they are aliens psyches downloaded into a human host. Immediately they try to merge with the human consciousness, taking it over so that when they get the signal they can go out and kill all the humans. When the programing kicks in, one of two things usually happens, the human's brain breaks and they go crazy. This invariably leads to institutionalized because they are going on about being an alien and that aliens are coming to kill everyone. Or they embrace it. Those that embrace it, later go into jobs where killing humans isn't frowned upon so much, like law enforcement and the military. After the aliens came the PC Silencers, of the Assassin variety, (there are other types, but PC's are exclusively assassins) those that didn't break during awakening or at some point thereafter, were assigned an area and told to kill any human they see.

PC Silencers are stuck between the humans that want to kill them and the aliens, that at best want to strip away the humanity they have regained and at worst want to kill them..which will happen eventually. Silencers have an innate sense that no matter what happens they are going to die, but their programming to survive has survived where there other programming wasn't so lucky.

PC Silencers are immune to the Red Tsumani illness that the aliens spread. They are resistant to other human disease as well.

PC Silencers are some how broken. They are either broken during awakening or due to some type of physical trauma that overloaded the nanite programming and took nearly all of them offline. How the Silencer broke is totally up to the player.

Silencers, broken or not, are able to recognize other Silencers, Others and the people chipped by the Others on sight.

Silencers get to have four abilities at 7 instead of the usual three. Points are spent per the usual way on them. One of them must be a BG skill.

Required Quirk: Beautiful, Gorgeous, or some other descriptor that covers their cover model good looks. Dark Secret (the fact that they are a Silencer)

Will know about the plans of the Others specifically about the next wave and the baby bombs. See below.

Will have some sort of social awkwardness or focus on something, i.e Piper's selective mutism and over protectiveness of children

Alien language. This is noted as Other under Language skills.

Can pick two of the following. Must add which two you are picking to your Silencer into a Background slot in the game.

Interfacing - With this ability the Silencer is able to delve into a persons mind and find out just about anything they want to know. Additionally, the Silencer can alter emotions and know what the other person is feeling. This requires skin-to-skin contact. This is not mind control. The Silencer can't make a person do anything against their will, they can just emotionally influence them. The Silencer can deepen this, merging their conscious with the conscious of the other person, this is purely an emotional connection, no mind reading can be done this way. Unless agreed upon by all players to successfully use this ability a successful mind versus mind +roll must be made.

Night Vision - Silencers can see just as well in the night as they can in the day, though they can't see colors all that well. Similar to how things look through nightvision goggles, except it's not all green. Seeing the stars at night isn't possible.

Enhanced Senses - Eyesight and hearing are keener than that of the average human. Comparatively it is similiar to how blind people can hear better and deaf people typically can see more details from further away.

Enhanced Strength - Has the body strength on an olympic level athlete. With extreme effort can lift upwards of 600 pounds but not over that without taking injury.

Enhanced Stamina - Can run for long distances without feeling the effects of it in breathing or muscle exertion. Dehydration is still an issue as sweating still occurs.

Increased Healing - Minor wounds heal within a couple of hours, major wounds in a few days to a week without scarring. They feel no pain when injured and can continue fighting. The nanites immediately cauterize wounds to prevent bleed out. They can only handle so much damage though and the Silencer can be killed, the quickest way of course, a head shot. They are sorta like zombies that way.

Note: The increased healing is the only one of these that most noticeable and not easily explained away. Once it is noticed, which could be very quickly, there will be questions. Do not take this as a bonus without expecting there to be IC difficulties.

5th Wave - At a certain point in time the Aliens plan on bombing all the major and minor cities on the world. Prior to this the Silencers (or so they have been informed) will load into dropships and be taken aboard the Mothership to be safe while the 5th Wave, the trained teenage soldiers, wipe out the rest of the human race.

Baby Bombs - The aliens have been collecting children under 7. These children are implanted with micro explosives and then dropped into places where survivors live. They are children, people aren't going to suspect children of anything. Even the children don't know what has been done, only that they have a sore throat. Which is were the micro-explosives are implanted. The explosives are triggered when a certain level of CO2 is detected. This explosion is powerful enough to take out a large house and everyone in it.

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