Astronomical Unit
Astronomical Unit
Portrayed By That actress who played in that one movie with the people.
Gender Female
Place of Birth Hospital
Date of Birth April
Age I rode a dinosaur
Aliases Au, Hey you, That girl with the hair.
Position Head Wiz


I have a long sorid past in online RPing, starting way back in 1994. Since then I have played on just about every genre game imaginable and staffed at quite a few as well.

Prior to that I was and I still am an avid TT gamer.

I have big love for Doctor Who. I'll talk about it forever.

I live in a No Judgment Zone.

I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Signs You Are Still Not An Adult


I'm adorkable!

I also am known to be one of those people that when drama rears I stay in my corner hording the popcorn. I don't do drama.

RP Hooks

Hooks are for fishing and pirates, Arrr!. I don't need them to RP!


Distractable - Squirrel!
Absent-Minded - What did I come in here for?
Obsessive - Doctor Who, Octopus/Squid, Owls


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