Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a refugee camp outside of Fremont, NE. It was once a boy scout camp, but now, under the leadership of Solomon "Sonny" Matson, veteran and expert survivalist it has become a beacon of hope. In a world where the best you could hope for is to live day to day…. and hope that the Silencers don't find you.

Everyone is welcome at Camp Hope, once they can prove that they aren't there to harm anyone. Everyone needs to be willing to work with the other refugees to keep the place safe and everyone feed and healthy.

Here is the relevant info about Camp Hope:

Leaders: Sonny and Bea Matson

Land Size: 360 acres of woods, fields and open meadows with various campsites and buildings on it. Formerly a boy scout camp, now a refuge for survivors.

Population: Approx: 37 (31 age 16+, 6 children)

Newcomers are given a hygiene kit when first arriving: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and deodorant and other items necessary, depending on gender. They are also given a two-man dome tent, for singles, bigger if people want to share, and a sleeping bag. If they need it.

Children: There are only six children under the age of 10 in the camp. Those six came in with Pied-Piper. They range in age from 7 years to 4 months. There are 4 girls and 2 boys. Caro, Abbie, Jack, Kira, Becca and Troy.

Utilities: No electricity, the buildings that are used are lit with hurricane lamps, using oil or kerosene. These are used sparingly. The dining hall has a propane tank behind it. The stoves are run on this so everyone gets one hot meal in the evening. Breakfast is cold and lunch is fend for yourself.

Animals: There are farm animals being kept at the equestrian center, there are six horses, a few cows and a flock of chickens. These are /not/ for eating. They are to provide transport, milk and eggs. These were brought in from local farms. A feral animal is a dangerous animal.

Camp Hope

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