Alicia Rose Tavers
Portrayed By Olivia Wilde
Gender Female
Place of Birth Miles City, Montana
Date of Birth December 23rd, 1996
Age 18
Aliases Tavers
Position Hunter

RP Hooks

She's a Cowboy(girl) - She's come into Nebraska on a Palomino named Abagail, an old western original Winchester repeater, and the duds to match.
Steel Six String On Her Back - She's got a guitar strapped to her back.
Nomad - She's been a wandering these streets, maybe she's got a tale or two to share.


Lefty - She's left handed, need more 'splanin' than that cowpoke?
Toothpicks - She chews on 'em, she fiddles with 'em, she's gotta have 'em.


Alicia Tavers was born nineteen years ago about twenty miles north of Miles City, Montana. Her father, Michael Tavers, owned one of the largest ranches in eastern Montana, her mother passed away during child birth. Raised a cow girl with her older brother Taylor on the ranch, she's not unaccustomed to dirty work, long hours and days spent in the hot sun. Her father used to say she was 'Born in the saddle with a rifle in her hand' as she had a natural talent for both riding horses and shooting guns, starting both at an early age. She also picked up playing the guitar very early and practiced every night.

As she grew up and started attending school in Miles City, she was not the sharpest tool in the shed but she managed a solid B average, with a penchant for mathematics. When she was fourteen she became addicted to 'dipping' or chewing tobacco, at the age of sixteen when her Grandfather died of cancer she quit, replacing the habit with chewing on toothpicks. This is also when she inherited her grandfather's original 1886 Winchester Repeater, modified to chamber the .32 smokeless cartridges. Her father started teaching her how to load her own rounds and tinker with firearms to keep them in working condition and make minor modifications. She also started keeping the books for Daddy's ranch while Taylor kept an eye on the lands, though during the summers there was rarely a day she wasn't seen out on the plains either alone or with her brother, keeping the ranch running and the fences mended.

Graduating high school at seventeen last year, her father bought her a two year old Palomino mare named Abagail. She spent the spring and summer on the ranch and helped get everything set up for when she would attend the fall semester at Montana University in Billings for a business degree, intending to take over the legal side of the business while her brother kept things locked down on the prairies when her father eventually passed away.

She held her B average during her stay and returned home for the Christmas holidays, her father in declining health, it may be the last chance she got to see him. Two days before she was to return to Billings for school the Arrival occurred. The First Wave didn't affect them much out on the ranch, sure it screwed up some of their advanced technology for the ranch, but nothing so crucial that the ranch shut down. What really hit them was the third wave, of which the Plague struck both her father and brother, however it appeared that Alicia was immune to the disease. She persisted on for another month until she went into Miles City to resupply and found the town completely deserted, population either dead or fled. She returned to the ranch, packed up what she could and hit the road. Moving eastward she encountered several small outposts and migrated around the Eastern Montana and North Dakota area, hunting, skinning and trading those for what she needed. During one of her hunting trips the two outposts she frequented in the territories were ransacked and destroyed by raiders, so she ditched everything that was too heavy and continued eastward. Emptiness for hundreds of miles until coming to the outskirts of Fremont she heard a rumor from some passing nomads about Camp Hope.

Alicia Tavers is accompanied by her horse Abagail, her Winchester, and in the saddle bags: enough rounds to fill the chamber twice (16 cartridges), about a weeks worth of food and the tools needed to melt down, form, and pack her own rounds and keep her rifle clean and repaired. Strapped to her back is a good old fashioned acoustic six string.


Standing at just shy of five and half feet this girl has long light brunette hair that runs straight down to her shoulder blades. A lean frame masking a wiry strength, she could maybe make it to a hundred and fifteen pounds soaking wet. Dazzling green eyes peer out from underneath slim brows set in a square face with high cheek bones and thin pale lips, chapped at the edges from the heat and dust. Her hands look well weathered, several callous and the nails kept short, however they are painted a flat white in color, indicating an inner girlishness peeking through. Simple clothing adorns her body; a flat-brimmed leather fedora-style cowboy hat, black bandanna around the throat, a brown leather duster that reaches to her knees and flows open down the front, underneath that a cotton tank-top covering her modest bust and stomach. Leather chaps cover the front of a pair of worn denim jeans, several holes along the back and insides of the thighs and decently newer looking tan steel-toed work boots that run up to mid-calf finishes her outfit.



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Alicia's Logs

(2015-07-21) Biting the Bullet
Biting the Bullet Summary: Nora manages to get Quinton back to Camp, medical attention is given ...

(2015-07-07) Morning Glory
Morning Glory Summary: The next morning after Alicia and Lincoln they meet a third survivor and...

(2015-07-06) Meeting Near the Crossroads
Meeting Near the Crossroads Summary: Heading back to Camp Hope along the Two Mile Road, Alicia...

(2015-07-01) Late Night Guitar
Late Night Guitar Summary: Quinton is lured to Alicia's campsite by the haunting guitar melody...

(2015-06-30) Strangers in the Mist
Strangers in the Mist Summary: Alicia goes to check on some snares she'd set the day before and...

(2015-06-30) Bringing Azia to the Gates
Bringing Azia to the Gates Summary: Alicia leads Azia out of the woods and they run across...

(2015-06-29) She Came Bearing Gifts
She Came Bearing Gifts Summary: After a night of going slow through the rain, Tavers has finally...

(2015-06-28) On a Horse With No Name
On a horse with no name Summary: Gabriel offers directions to Alicia, to head for Camp Hope ...


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