Amy Kingsley
Portrayed By Victoria Justice
Gender Female
Place of Birth Burbank, California
Date of Birth March 4, 1998
Age 18
Aliases None
Position Psychologist in Training
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Amy Kingsley is originally from Southern California. Born and raised in Burbank, she lived your stereotypical suburban Valley Girl childhood. Doing okay in school but not really getting worked up about it, making friends but not getting too deep, just flakily floating along in life.

But as high school came to an end, the harsh reality set in for Amy. Her family's not rich, you see, so she's going to have to actually make a career for herself, or she's going to be in trouble fast. No amount of 'but daddys' could escape it: shewas going to have to get a job or go to college. So, she gathered herself, and applied to some schools. She ended up settling on Texas Tech, starting a program in Clinical Psychology there. Fortunately for her, both in her final year of high school, and her first year of college, she had just enough talent to be able to float along, getting just-good-enough grades to do the thing.

But while she was unlucky to have to deal with the real world before, once everything went wrong, she got lucky. The girl's college roommate was part of the SCA, so when it all hit, she tagged along with some people who had actual skills useful in the collapse of civilization. They began to travel, getting away from the worst of it. Which didn't help when the Third Wave came. Disease wracked the group, and she was forced to flee the horrors with a backpack of food, some water purifying caplets, and a bicycle. That wouldn't get her far, but fortunately she runs into Stratford, where there are people…


Amy is a chipper young woman. She's about 5'4", with an athletic build. Her muscles aren't clearly defined, though, so she looks no less feminine. Amy has long black hair, tied in two long pigtails, nice and playful. Her face is slim, with big brown eyes. Her face has a healthy tan from long times spent outdoors in a nice climate.

Amy is wearing a light red sundress made of cotton woven with silk. Instead of a plain color though, white and yellow flower designs of indeterminate species are also woven into the fabric. The dress hangs very lightly her body, but yet still has a hint of shine to it. The dress stays on her thanks to two thin spaghetti straps looped over her shoulders, which are incompletely tanned thanks to other dresses she wears with more covering the shoulders. The silky fabric wisps down her body from just below her collar bones.

Strapped around her waist is a thin pink band of material, supporting a small purse on her left hip. The thin straps of her beige sandals wrap around her small feet, nails unpainted.

RP Hooks


From a place that doesn't exist anymore.

Clinical psychologist in training before everything fell apart.




Amy's Logs


(2016-04-19) Hornets are Jerks
Hornets are Jerks Summary: While gardening a hornet's nest is found Date: 4.19.2016 Related:...

(2016-04-15) That Buzzing Isn't Bees
That Buzzing Isn't Bees Summary: Pesky drones, why won't the go pester someone else Date:...

(2016-04-14) Shrinking Heads
Shrinking Heads Summary: Mon finally gets a chance to talk with Amy about her twitchiness. ...

(2016-04-12) Making Medicine
Making Medicine Summary: Peyote can be a medicine, if used properly Date: 4.12.2016 Related:...

(2016-04-08) Running For It
Running For It Summary: Rainy day, scavenging, getting soaked Date: 4.8.2016 Related:...

(2016-04-06) Soap Making
Soap Making Summary: Amy and Piper try their hand at making soap Date: 4.6.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-29) Not The Best Suggestions
Not The Best Suggestions Summary: But you have to start somewhere Date: 3.29.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-28) Trading
Trading Summary: A bit of trading with Noah Date: 3.28.2016 Related: Related Logs (Say None...

(2016-03-24) Suggestions in Mindfulness
Suggestions in Mindfulness Summary: Amy has a reading assignment for Quinton and Piper and she...

(2016-03-22) Cleaning Up
Cleaning Up Summary: After yesterday's tornado, the clubhouse needs some tidying up. Date:...

(2016-03-23) Headshrinkers
Headshrinkers Summary: Amy and Anita discuss the various mental issues that people in camp...

(2016-03-21) Blown Away
Blown Away Summary: A tornado strikes! Date: 3.21.2016 Related: Cleaning Up Players: ...

(2016-03-18) A Gaggle of Women
A Gaggle of Women Summary: No girl talk here. Date: 3.18.2016 Related: None Players: ...

(2016-03-15) Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken
Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken Summary: Elan and Amy go on the search for mental health...

(2016-03-14) Explanations
Explanations Summary: Amy get a crash course in what's going on Date: 3.14.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-11) In the Infirmary
In the Infirmary Summary: The aftermath of the Silencer encounter Date: 3.11.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-11) Sneaky Bastard
Sneaky Bastard Summary: Another encounter with the sneaky Silencer Date: 3.11.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-08) Breakfast Gathering
Breakfast Gathering Summary: Lots of talk at breakfast Date: 3.8.2016 Related: Related Logs...

(2016-03-07) Two More New Faces
Two More New Faces Summary: Amy and Elan run into Quinton and Piper Date: 3.7.2016 Related:...

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