Andrew Pierce
Portrayed By Karl Urban
Gender Male
Place of Birth Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth 6/25/1993
Age 22
Aliases None
Position Guard


Andrew was born in Nevada to parents who were fairly well off having owned one of the smaller Casino's off the main strip. They ran a clean business though and it had a good reputation something not all of the heavy hitters could claim. It was an interesting place to grow up but never really suited him well enough for him to want to stay there.

It was when he was old enough that he'd enlist instead in the army as an MP and get shipped out first to basic training. He would return home only very briefly afterwards but he'd been given his orders to report to a base in the Midwest. The young man had no way of knowing of course… that would be the last time he saw his parents.

One would think that the base would be the best place to be when things go to hell, but without clear orders and uncertainty abounding. It was no more organized there than many places though the one saving grace was more sheltered areas and strict quarantine procedures. It was still struck hard by the plague but perhaps not as much so as some others. It was when the quarantine was lifted that he decided to take his gear his weapon and strike out doing nobody any good at the base. It would take quite a while to travel, but just now he's found Camp Hope and offered his services as a guard for the people and the supplies there.


RP Hooks

-Traveled far to get to Camp Hope, perhaps we met at some point
-Former MP perhaps you do or dont trust the military
-Guard, perhaps you don't trust such things either




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Andrew's Logs


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