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Anita Reyes
Portrayed By Jessica Camacho
Gender Female
Place of Birth Columbia
Date of Birth June 26
Age 27
Aliases <>
Position Medic


Anita Reyes had the misfortune of being born in a small Columbian town, population 118, run by a criminal cartel (Salvatore) whose main business was the production and smuggling of cocaine and opium. There wasn't a person in the small town that didn't work for Salvatore in some form or fashion. If they didn't farm the plants, they provided security, food or some other form of labor. Anita and her family were no different. It didn't help that the Salvatores and the Reyes were related, most of the town was in some form or fashion.

When Anita was old enough the pitch in she went with her mother to the fields to plant and harvest when she wasn't in school. Being a bit on the serious side it was immediately noticeable that she has bright and this made her a viable candidate to rise quickly in the cartel ranks. It was this that had the leader paying to send her to college when she graduated high school, with the understanding that if she didn't come back to work for him, he would make the lives of her parents and other siblings quite hard. She agreed and off to college she went, getting her PhD in Psychiatry and a lesser degree in Pharmaceuticals. It was while she was completing her residency work that she was ordered back home by Salvatore.

It was shortly after going back that the aliens arrived. That put a big dent in the criminal activity and chaos kind of erupted. The Reyes family escaped the town and migrated north, planning on joining with family in El Paso. Wave after wave passed as the made their way north on horseback. Finally they crossed the border, joined up with relatives and continued north until they came to the ghost town of Stratford where the finally decided to settle down.


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RP Hooks

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Closet Romantic


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Cousin - Known him all my life. We were raised together. The only time we were ever apart was when I went of to college. I know he will always have my back and I'll always have his.


Anita's's Logs


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(2015-11-24) The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave Summary: A huge explosion takes out the Reyes camp, and nearly a group of Camp...

(2015-10-20) Scouting Stratford
Scouting Stratford Summary: A scouting party checks out a potential new home, and meets the...


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