Avery Green
Portrayed By Anna Popplewell
Gender Female
Place of Birth Oregan
Date of Birth Feb. 19
Age 18
Aliases None?
Position Scavenger
Status Alive
First Appeared Soon! Today?


Avery was born in the Pacific Northwest. She grew up hunting with her dad and gardening, taking care of things around the house with her mom. They managed to do ok, her folks taught her a variety of skills like sewing, and riding, and fighting. Not for any practical reason-well, practical to Avery. Her folks did SCA, so naturally, Avery grew up doing SCA as well. Her favorite was the shooting. She loves the bow, and riding while shooting? Even better. As she got older, Avery started working at the garage part time with her dad. She likes cars the way they work. When the first wave came she was considering how best to go about an engineering degree with their means. Her family meet up with some other SCA-ers and they headed inland, into the woods and away from the coast. It didn’t protect them from the third wave though. Most of her group died, trying to survive in the woods. After that Avery and the others split up. She went looking for cities while they tried to find other SCA types out in the wilderness. She’s been scavenging and hunting for a while now, looking for a safe place to stop for a while and recharge.


This girl is in her late teens, long brown hair hangs past her shoulders. Her pale skin is freckled and she has light blue eyes set in an oval face with full lips.
She wears worn, second hand black combat boots with a mechanic's jumpsuit tucked in over shorts and a long sleeve tee that isn't as white as it used to be. She carries a dirty backpack that loos meagerly supplied as well as a bow, arrows poking out of her bag from a space that used to be meant for laptops.


RP Hooks


Afraid of Thunder-Observe the mighty Avery! Determined to do things her way until the rolling crashes of a thunderstorm send her to a small, dark place to hide! She can't stand storms.
Blunt-She grew up with people who waxed poetic about ye olde days, and tried to emulate an older English. As a result this young lady would rather cut right to the chase with words.
Stubborn-She does things her way-even if her way is harder, it's really something to work on.


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Avery Logs


(2016-09-21) Hello or Goodbye
Hello or Goodbye Summary: Mon and Avery prep the machine shop for either possible result. If the...

(2016-08-30) Plan of Action
Plan of Action Summary: Devon and Quinton reveal the plan and ask for volunteers Date:...

(2016-08-26) Please Don't Drop the Explosives
Please Don't Drop the Explosives Summary: Avery and Carilena help Mon unload (most of) the new...

(2016-08-23) Help Wanted
Help Wanted Summary: Devon appears. He sure is cocky for someone who wants help. Date:...

(2016-08-21) Dinner for Three
Dinner for Three Summary: Mon and Avery have dinner with Gabriel after a hard day's...

(2016-08-19) Farmgirls of the world, Unite!
Farmgirls of the world Unite! Summary: The two farmgirls (Avery and Mon) finally meet. Avery is...

(2016-08-16) The Long Chase
The Long Chase Summary: Avery is being chased by bandits. She is rescued just in time, but there...


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