Azia Andropoulis
Portrayed By India Eisley
Gender Female
Place of Birth Fremont, Nebraska
Date of Birth July 13th, 1999
Age 16
Aliases Azia
Position Scavenger


When she was younger, Azia Andropoulis had been into gymnastics. She was really promising in her talent, and her parents thought she would possibly become an Olympic contender. Groomed and trained for that possibility, she worked hard for the dream.

Until she met Grant. Grant was her first boyfriend, when she was thirteen. He was the kind of guy that no parent would want their daughters to associate with. Try as they might, the girl was smitten with Grant. She was doing drugs, skipping school, not practicing her gymnastics, and was on a downward spiral. Grant ended up getting arrested, and he took her down with him. She was caught with enough vials of a prescription drug, Vicodin, to warrant a felony charge. Fortunately, the DA believed her story that they weren't hers. He agreed she could plea to a misdemeanor, and she was charged in family court as a minor. Azia was given a light probationary sentence, and she never saw Grant again. But she had already become a problem drug user, and she violated her probation.

She ended up going to an inpatient youth rehab. She got off of drugs while there, but never really completed the twelve-step program, so still has an emotional dependency on finding a high, whether it be drinking, pot, or something harder. It was while she was in the rehab center that the Arrival happened.


RP Hooks

Sobriety - Wants to stay straight, but isn't socially or emotionally equipped to do so.
Scavenger - Need supplies? Lets work up a trade.


Drug Addict Drugs, alcohol, you name it, I'll do it.
Too Curious Curiosity killed the cat, one day it might kill me too.


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Azia's Logs

(2015-06-30) Strangers in the Mist
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(2015-06-30) Bringing Azia to the Gates
Bringing Azia to the Gates Summary: Alicia leads Azia out of the woods and they run across...


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