Bo Huang
Portrayed By Xiaoming Chang
Gender Male
Place of Birth Qamdo, China
Date of Birth September 1983
Age 32
Aliases <>
Position <>


Bo Huang was born and raised in rural China. He had a large family, but they were poor so at a young age he was sent to a Buddhist monastery to learn to be a Buddhist monk

He spent his childhood through his early adulthood at the monastery. In his 20's he was chosen as a Peace Ambassador and traveled the world to meet with politicians and heads of state to promote various things, i.e. demilitarization, climate change, amoung other things.

When the first wave hit he was a conference in San Antonio about climate change. And from then he knew he was stuck in Texas.

Besides the shaking of the earth, and the river flooding, San Antonio wasn't hit hard by the second wave. The third wave decimated the population. He didn't come out of that one untouched, but he did live. After recovering he helped the survivors move to the Natural Bridge Caverns and settle into relative safety there.

Since then he has been living with those people at NBC and working to make their lives comfortable and safe. Once he heard about the newcomers though in Stratford, he decided to go see if he could offer them assistance in anyway he could.


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