Robert Andrews
Portrayed By George Clooney
Gender Male
Place of Birth Albion, Nebraska
Date of Birth 9/5/1975
Age 40
Aliases Sheriff
Position Camp Leader
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Bob came from a long line of small town Sheriff's. His father was a Sheriff, his grand father was a Sheriff, and his Great Grandfather was a Sheriff, back when being a Sheriff meant something. For his own part, Bob was Sheriff of Boon County Nebraska for many years before the First Wave, and he was a cop for years before that. He did a short stint in the military too, but he doesn't talk about that much.

Bob was married once, had a daughter too. All anyone really knows is his wife died before the invasion, and his daughter was in a coma when it happened and died during it. Bob's been alone for longer than he'd care to remember as a result of that.

He led a small group of survivors in Boone county, only five or ten in all. They were killed in a bandit raid before Bob found Camp Hope. He was a loner when he first arrived and stayed that way for some time. Eventually he worked his way into daily life and when they moved to Stratford, just after Sonny's death, Bob found himself as the leader the Camp Hope survivors. Now he's motivated primarily by a strong desire to keep them all alive. Making a life out of survival seems to be secondary to him so far.


Some people exude confidence. They are natural born leaders, filled with charm. There was a time, when this man was one of those people. Sometime before circumstance and loss hardened him. By the smell of his breath, it was a time before the drink took him completely. Still, amidst that coldness and sense of loss is a rock solid determination that comes out in the eyes. He stands just over six feet in height, with what was once a active man's build, now toned down by starvation. He's probably around forty years old give or take a few years. His hair has greyed from what was once a dark brown to mostly salt and pepper these days. His hair was short but has grown out some, and if it isn't tousled, then it's probably on the wild side. He has a strong chin, with a fair amount of stubble covering it as his cheeks. His dark colored eyes, likely brown, are shadowed by a heavy brow and he often appears as though his eyes aren't fully open.

Classic country fair makes up this man's attire. Or it did before months of grime, dirt and blood made it look like a general mess. Blue jeans, now worn and ripped at the knees, cover his legs. A brown leather belt with a oval shaped metal buckle is around his waist. The buckle looks a bit like a sheriff's badge really. He's wearing a white thermal t-shirt with a grey plaid flannel shirt over it. The sleeves of the flannel shirt are rolled up, with the white sleeve of the thermal exposed halfway of the forearm. His boots are also brown and leather, construction workers steel toed boots by the looks of them. He's also currently wearing a dirty, faded green trucker hat.


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It's complicated. Plus I'm pretty sure she can't stand me lately. Still…I can always count on her.


Bob's Logs


(2016-07-13) The Mourning After
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(2016-06-14) Bar Brawl
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(2016-05-20) Under Fire
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(2016-05-10) Election Day
Election Day Summary: The votes are in, the people have spoken, lives are changed. Date:...

(2016-04-09) Whiskey and Father Figures
Whiskey and Father Figures Summary: Mon finally talks to Bob about her plan to illuminate the...

(2016-03-08) Introductions
Introductions Summary: Elan and Bob meet, Sophia is on hand to help smooth the process Date:...

(2016-03-01) Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet Summary: The two groups come together to make some decisions and mingle Date:...

(2016-02-23) Refugees
Refugees Summary: Log Summary Date: 2.23.2016 Related: Related Logs (Say None if there...

(2016-02-19) Wolves
Wolves Summary: Wolves go after the horses. Thankfully they are stopped, but not without some...

(2016-02-06) More Info
More Info Summary: More information about Silencers and Camo Kids is shared Date: 2.6.2016 ...

(2016-02-09) Lost, Found and Fight
Lost, Found and Fight Summary: A locked footlocker liberated from the Camo Kids is relocated....

(2016-02-02) Raider v Silencer
Raider v Silencer Summary: Not sure who started the fight, but Bob certainly finished it. ...

(2016-01-29) Taking Cover
Taking Cover Summary: Another drone and the connection between drones and Silencers is given ...

(2016-01-27) Dumas or Bust Prt 2
Log Title Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date Related: Related Logs (Say None if there aren't...

(2016-01-26) Dumas or Bust Prt 1
Dumas or Bust Prt 1 Summary: A break during the trip to Dumas Date: 1.26.2016 Related:...

(2015-12-29) Buzzkill
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(2015-12-22) Christmas Party
Christmas Party Summary: There has to be a little good amoungst the bad Date: 12.22.2015 ...

(2015-12-20) To Tell the Truth
To Tell the Truth Summary: A calm discussion on the nature of Silencer with a Silencer Date:...

(2015-12-15) Sheltered Life
Sheltered Life Summary: A family is found hidden in an underground bunker Date: 12.15.2015 ...

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