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(2016-04-26) Warm Welcomes
Warm Welcomes Summary: Piper and Caitlin meet a new face and make him feel welcome. Date:...

(2016-04-19) Emergency Treatment
Emergency Treatment Summary: Elijah and Caitlin treat the Piper Date: 4.19.2016 Related:...

(2016-04-19) Hornets are Jerks
Hornets are Jerks Summary: While gardening a hornet's nest is found Date: 4.19.2016 Related:...

(2016-02-23) Tag, You're It
Tag, You're It Summary: Piper tags Caitlin in for nurse duty Date: 2.23.2016 Related:...

(2016-02-24) From the Same Cloth
From the Same Cloth Summary: Monica meets Caitlin. Happens after To Build a Bathhouse Pt 1. ...

(2016-02-12) A Search for Something Special
A Search for Something Specials Summary: It isn't found Date: 2.12.2016 Related: Related...

(2016-01-08) The Truth Sucks
The Truth Sucks Summary: It may set you free, but it still sucks when it backfires on you. ...

(2015-12-16) Looking Roguish
Looking Roguish Summary: An adjective fitting of Quinton? Date: 12.16.2015 Related: Related...

(2015-12-12) Acting Normal
Acting Normal Summary: Despite his knowledge the doctor plays it cool :) Date: 12.12.2015 ...

(2015-12-08) Bearers of Bad News
Bearers of Bad News Summary: Caitlin is told to the recent tragic events Date: 12.8.2015 ...

(2015-11-19) More Trading
More Trading Summary: Caitlin, Quinton and Piper meet up and trade a few things Date:...

(2015-11-14) Into the Fold
Into the Fold Summary: Piper is slowly bringing Caitlin into the group. Pending Bob's ok. ...

(2015-11-12) Trading Goods
Trading Goods Summary: Another encounter with Caitlin ends with some trading Date: 11.12.2015 ...

(2015-11-09) Name Dropping
Name Dropping Summary: They aren't the right names, but they are dropped none-the-less Date:...

(2015-10-29) Welcome to Texas
Welcome to Texas Summary: Nora encounters someone not from Stratford enter Caitlin Date:...


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