Jenelle Parker
Portrayed By Camren Bicondova
Gender Female
Place of Birth Phoenix, AZ
Date of Birth Nov 1
Age 16
Aliases Dax
Position Other
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Jenelle Parker was the oldest of five siblings. Having that may have made her stubborn. But it also equipped her with some basic life skills due to helping her mother out.

Horribly allergic to cats. Like…eyes swollen, can't breathe allergic.

When she was 6, a parrot at a local pet shop attacked her. She's never gotten over that fear, and the fact that the Red Tsunami was caused by birds has only reinforced that. She actually imagines the aliens have feathers. How could they not?

Jenelle was an active cheerleader, having made the team her freshman year. She also played softball on her school's team.

In her heart of hearts though, Jenelle wanted to be a beautician. She'd practice on anyone who would sit still long enough for her to apply make up, or if they were brave enough, let her at their hair with scissors. And heaven help them all if she was given permission to do their nails.

When most of her family was killed, she and her youngest sibling were found by other survivors and brought to a camp in the eastern part of Denver near the Platte River. They lived there surviving off the land until mid-summer when the soldiers came, in jeeps and a big bus. The soldiers offered safety for them all. She and all the kids in the camp were loaded on the bus and went with the soldiers and were promised that all the adults would be brought back later.

A few hours later she was sorted at a military base. She received a physical and has told that the aliens were infecting humans and making them kill everyone, the only way to kill the alien was to kill the host. For weeks she was trained in fighting and firearms and then her group was dropped in Fremont, Nebraska were they were told there were aliens. But what was there was bandits, to many of them and all her company was killed. Except her, she managed to escape, but not before the bandits beat and tortured her. They got lazy and she managed to escape and fled west. She didn't get all that far before the passed out, she thought she was going to die. She doesn't remember the people, all she remembered is that she forgot her journal back at the survival camp.



RP Hooks


Allergic to Cats - Keep them far, far away.

Nail Polish - She loves having her nails done and/or doing other people's nails. She will trade just about anything for a bottle of nail polish.

Bird Phobia - Terrified of them since she was a young girl.

Stubborn - Hello, she's 16, have you met a 16 year old that wasn't stubborn?


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