Dixie Tabitha Montgomery
Portrayed By Amanda Seyfried
Gender Female
Place of Birth Alabama
Date of Birth 1994
Age 21
Aliases Tabby
Position Guard


Dixie Tabitha Montgomery was born in Alabama, and she was raised near a small rural town.

Her father, Davies Montgomery, was a gunsmith and an avid trapper, and her mother, Gerturde Montgomery, was a housewife. She was the youngest of three children, and raised in a religious family. While her father did keep a modest store in the nearby town, her family mostly lived off the grid, hunting, trapping and growing their own food. While the family did live off the grid, their parents also sent them to school, so that they would receive an education and also socialise with people their own age.

From a young age, she was exposed to firearms and gun culture, and as per family tradition, received an air rifle on her 6th birthday. She was taught to shoot beer cans for fun, and taught how to safetly handle weapons. As she grew up, she took part in hunting trips with her parents and her brothers, and from a young age and through practice, she grew more confident in her abilities to trap, as well and shoot. Though she also developed an interest in making candy, though it was a hobby she was rather good at, and she even entered a few competitions, but never won.

She was also known for being a tomboy, though this might have been because she had two older brothers. She'd hunt alongside them, help trap, and occasionally blow something up for fun. Usually to the dislike of their parents. What else are kids living off the grid meant to do?

She was a very normal student throughout school, until it came to chemistry. She actually enjoyed the subject a considerable amount, and she got to learn about chemical reactions, in the hope that she could impress her brothers more. Especially during one summer break in her last year of high school. Let's just say, her older brother used to tease her over his missing pinkie just to get her to feel more guilty after the incident, and to make her do things.

With the chaos that she helped cause, her father kept her close at hand during holidays, so she didn't do anything stupid. It was while hanging around his small store, and watching him work, that she really got interested in gunsmithing. What started as a thing to keep her out of trouble, turned into a school based apprenticeship, which she started at 16.

A few months after she started her apprenticeship under her father, she quit school when she was 17. She continued to learn from what her father taught her, and managed to enlist as a reservist. After her ten weeks training, she continued with her apprenticeship and two weekends a month she gave the Alabama National Guard. She slowly rose up through the ranks, from Private after completing her basic training and specialisation training.

When she was 18, and had finished studying under her father, she switched from Reserve to permanent National Guard. With her background and training, she was easily attached to a range, helping to foster new recruits and help enlisted with their shooting. When she was made Private First Class at 19, she worked under an older member who had worked during the First Iraq war, as well as Master Sergeant who had served in the second. They did make fun of her, but it was more of a character building activity between comrades than harassment.

She learnt a considerable amount from both of them. Both with gunsmithing and basic tricks to repair weapons, to being able to hit targets she would have once ignored due to range. She continued quite happily in that role, while chasing the ever elusive Corporal rank. However, one of her two mentors informed her of a chance in Nebraska, at a range, where she would have a change to gain rank as well as a new posting.

She looked for places to rent, and found a suitable place in Fremont, over a bakery, that would suit her. She had her few meager belongings, and started to get used to live with power. It was only a few months before the arrival, which saw her unit mobilised. At the base, they expected the worst, and when they started to relax, the first wave struck. They soon had bicycles, and quickly started to get back on their feet. The second wave, saw them move to help areas close by, that were affected by Earthquakes.

The Third wave. That saw her moved to a team of marksmen, after they lost some of their members. She had the unfortunate experience in overwatching what was a crude aid station become an open air grave. Perhaps it was the distance that they kept that saw Dixie safe, or perhaps it was that really bad sore throat that saw her contracting the Red Tsunami which she escaped from. The team she was with, unfortunately didn't have the same fate, as most of them oozed blood out of places where blood shouldn't come out. She also saw the fall of the camp she was stationed too. She teamed up with the only other surviving marksman, and starting to move back towards Fremont

It took them a couple of months to walk the distance, foraging for food and water, and avoiding most people until the storm saw the second last survivor died due to a freak lightning strike. Out of her company, she believes she's last one standing that she knows of. Of course when there's the sound of thunder, she's quick to find over under the nearest bed.

She aims to return to her spartan home in Fremont, to sort through the few things that she owns. If she can find friendly survivors that don't mistake her as a Silencer or another unliked type, she'll most likely be kind of content.



She first came to the camp after providing support fire during an incident with the 'camo kids'. She's known to be a bit of a bully at times, but always trying to protect the people in camp. Those she simply refers to as 'her people'.

RP Hooks

Sometimes mistaken for a Silencer. She can move very quietly when she needs to, and seems to pick up on noises and movement easily. A crack shot, too. However she's human.

Haven't cleaned your firearms in a while, and they misfire? Dixie's the girl for that job. Found a weapon that you're uncertain of? She can handle that, too.

Military: Yup, the Corporal likes her uniform.


Storms? Dixie likes hiding under things when they're about.
Superstitious. Salt over the shoulder. Red sky in the morning, the shepard's warning.


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A lot of respect for the Piper. A good team? She's quiet, I talk a lot but we can both be deathly silent when needed.

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She's fun to be about. I bring her the piglets, she brings the bacon. Rather sows?

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I won't admit it, but he's kind of like a bigger brother to me.

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Flower girl
She… She gave me her silk flower that she wears. I need to look out for her, and to find another silk flower to repay the favour. BFF!


Dixie's Logs


(2015-11-26) Communication Fail
Communication Fail Summary: Dixie and Piper have some communication issues Date: 11.26.2015 ...

(2015-11-25) Inflicting Healing
Inflicting Healing Summary: Isabeau plays doctor. Date: 25 November 2015 Related: Injured...

(2015-11-08) Of Candy and Cleavers
Log Title Summary: Dixie and Sophia go wild on the pots and pans. Many are found, none lost. ...

(2015-11-06) Guns, Beards and Lists
Guns, Beards and Lists Summary: It's all over the place Date: 11.6.2015 Related: Related...

(2015-11-04) Of Goldfish Crackers and Guerrilla Warfare
Of Goldfish Crackers and Guerrilla Warfare Summary: Goldfish crackers are found, Dixie shares...

(2015-11-03) What Now
What Now? Summary: The first meeting at the new place. Decisions are made, a plan is coming...

(2015-10-27) Syllables
Syllables Summary: Dixie has regrets, shares them with Piper Date: 10.27.2015 Related: None ...

(2015-10-15) Weapon Sort
Weapon Sort Summary: Dixie and Piper sort through what they have in stock for weapons and ammo ...

(2015-09-28) Beavers and Glowy Things
Beavers and Glowy Things Summary: An Opossum and a beaver are discovered for dinner. There's...

(2015-08-15) New Faces
New Faces Summary: Those who man the gates meet new people, Elijah brings dinner Date:...

(2015-08-09) Morning Conversation
Morning Conversation Summary: Dixie, Harmony and Piper mingle in each others company on Sunday...

(2015-08-07) Not a Phone Book
Not a Phone Book Summary: Dixie tries to find a phone book to help out Elijah. Brings back...

(2015-08-07) Practical Joke or Great Idea
Practical Joke or Great Idea Summary: Dixie isn't sure, but Quinton things it's a great idea....

(2015-08-05) Information Shut Down
Information Shut Down Summary: Dixie shuts down Quinton about information regarding the wounded...

(2015-08-04) Enemy Amoung Us
Enemy Amoung Us Summary: One of the militant teens is found severely injured Date: 8.4.2015 ...

(2015-07-31) Elijah Arrives
Elijah Arrives Summary: Dixie finds Elijah on the outskirts of the camp. Date: 07.31.2015 ...

(2015-07-31) Pinned Down
Pinned Down Summary: Dixie, Quinton and Piper in another encounter with the supposed enemy. ...

(2015-07-29) She Doesn't Like It
She Doesn't Like It Summary: Dixie gives both Piper and Quinton nicknames. Piper actually...

(2015-07-28) Was It Worth It?
Was It Worth It? Summary: A group from Camp Hope are sent to investigate a military group with...


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