Elan Wilson
Portrayed By <>
Gender Male
Place of Birth <>
Date of Birth <>
Age 31
Aliases <>
Position <>
Status <>
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Elan's Logs


(2016-03-30) The Howard Carter Moment
The Howard Carter Moment Summary: Mon and Elan go to clean out the auto repair shop. They...

(2016-03-29) Hunter or Hunted
Hunter or Hunted Summary: The hunting group is being followed, but they also find another...

(2016-03-22) Trader
Trader Summary: A trader comes to Stratford, Sophia and Elijah meet him with caution, Elan is...

(2016-03-20) The Two Towers
Log Title Summary: Monica and Elan ride out to see what's to the west of the perimeter. Didja...

(2016-03-15) Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken
Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken Summary: Elan and Amy go on the search for mental health...

(2016-03-14) Cow Pies -or- Tooling Up
Cow Pies -or- Tooling Up Summary: Mon goes scavenging in the auto shop and finds some things she...

(2016-03-13) Pertinent Information
Pertinent Information Summary: Piper shares necessary info with Elan Date: 3.13.2016 ...

(2016-03-11) In the Infirmary
In the Infirmary Summary: The aftermath of the Silencer encounter Date: 3.11.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-12) Gunpowder and Alcohol
Gunpowder and Alcohol Summary: In the wee hours of the morning, on her way home from the bar,...

(2016-03-11) Sneaky Bastard
Sneaky Bastard Summary: Another encounter with the sneaky Silencer Date: 3.11.2016 Related:...

(2016-03-07) The New Guy
The New Guy Summary: Mon meets Elan, a fellow horse-drawn traveler. They talk Date: 2016.03.07...

(2016-03-08) Introductions
Introductions Summary: Elan and Bob meet, Sophia is on hand to help smooth the process Date:...

(2016-03-08) Breakfast Gathering
Breakfast Gathering Summary: Lots of talk at breakfast Date: 3.8.2016 Related: Related Logs...

(2016-03-07) Two More New Faces
Two More New Faces Summary: Amy and Elan run into Quinton and Piper Date: 3.7.2016 Related:...


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