Elijah Cooper Reid
Portrayed By Eddie Redmayne
Gender Male
Place of Birth <>
Date of Birth Dec. 10th
Age 29
Aliases 'Eli'
Position "Doctor"
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Elijah Cooper Reid had a fairly average childhood, with two loving parents and all the 'thrills' you would expect of growing up in a middle class suburban home. In school, he developed a passion for learning. At home, his parents raised him with a heart for helping others. With these two values at his core, Elijah quickly discovered a love of medicine and began his pursuit to become a doctor.

His first years of medical school, with it’s coarse load and the cut-throat competitive nature of his peers, saw Eli face trials he was unaccustomed to. Never before had he faced academic struggles and, without being as ‘cut-throat’ as some of his fellow students, he wondered if he had the drive he truly needed. It was around this time he met Samantha.

Sam was Elijah’s opposite in every way that complimented him. Where he was more introverted, she thrived in the middle of a crowd. While he saw himself as awkard, she exuded confidence from her very core. He was drawn to her and she adored him in return, becoming the first and only to ever call him ‘Coop’. Through the long nights of studying, with occasional breaks where she taught him the art of Poker, Sam remained his support in school and life. He knew they would get married some day. Then, shortly into his PhD studies, it happened.

The first wave struck hard. Elijah was working in the hospital when it happened. In what felt like only a breath, the hospital turned into every cliché imaginable from one of those end-of-the-world movies. Still, Eli did his best to help those around him. After what seemed like forever, with energy spent and mind in a daze, he returned home. He and Samantha did their best to continue living ‘normally’. However, that’s not what the aliens had in mind.

The second wave came with even more tragedy and impact than the first. Still, somehow Eli and Sam managed to make it. Eli knew he had to do his part to help those around them who needed it and, while she didn’t possess the same training he did, Sam did her best to assist him. It was in this way Samantha caught the plague. Elijah did what he could to help her. Try and save her. In the end, he could only watch as the illness destroyed her literally from the inside out. Why it didn’t claim him too, he is still unsure. Maybe he’s immune? Maybe it’s some form of twisted punishment…for many things.

Now, Elijah continues on his own. In a world where humans are turning against one another in fear and self preservation, he tries to help who he can. Some are grateful while others have attacked him. In the end, who knows if it really matters. All Eli knows is he has to try.


Standing at 5' 11", Eli is taller than average, but does not tower above a crowd. His most striking feature is the sheer number of freckles that have managed to fit themselves onto one person! Other distinguishing features are his green eyes and auburn hair.

Usually seen sporting a pair of trousers and some kind of button up shirt or pullover sweater, Eli may not have the most practical attire, but it's comfortable.


RP Hooks


Acute Sense: Smell
Habit: Pen Chewing
Code of Honor: Hippocratic Oath


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