Evangelyne Delcroix
Gender Female
Place of Birth France
Date of Birth 19th October
Age 23
Aliases Eva
Position Surviving
Status <>
First Appeared <>




She's a car mechanic from France, who was trapped in America, after the wave hit when she visited some friends of hers.

RP Hooks

French cursing. Want to learn how to wipe your ass with silk while being as foul mouthed as you can? Ask her.
Gardening. She had her own little garden back in france. Nothing big but she knows a bit about growing things.
Smithing. A hobby of hers. It was admittedly easier to with the right tools before the wave.
Cars. Her job back before the wave. Repairing and fixing them.


Can't smell: Eva can't smell anything.
Foul Mouth: Cursing like a sailor and always a french curse on her lips if bad stuff goes down.
Annoyed with people touching her things: It is hers, and hers alone. Don't. You. Dare. Touch. It.


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Close friend


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