Finn J. Collins
Portrayed By Barry Watson
Gender Male
Place of Birth Greenfield, MA
Date of Birth August 25, 1982
Age 32
Aliases Finn
Position n/a


By most standards, the Collins were a pretty average young family: Two small boys, an easy-going, nurturing, thoughtful mother and an almost-too-stern father. Finn was the younger of the two kids in the Greenfield, Massachusetts home. His older brother, Terrance, was 4 when Finn was born. The boys were most certainly of the same parentage and yet their differences were vast. Terry was the buffer that lived between his father and younger brother and, as a result, Finn did not develop the hardened defense mechanisms that Terry needed to have.
Finn was always a bright, inquizitive kid. He excelled in academics and found math and science, in particular, easily grasped. He was on a great trajectory until early in his high school career when his brother moved out. Left at home with an alcoholic father whom he could barely tolerate and a mother that no longer understood why living there had become so stiffling, he slipped into a world of rebellion. He'd stay out late, not come home for a few days. It wasn't entirely tolerated, but it also wasn't punished— a source of many loud discussions between the three and Finn would begin to ebb a little further out, becoming more wrecklessly impulsive. Finn's grades slipped along with his attendendance at school. He'd get by with a little long-distance encouragement from his brother, but still felt overwhelmed by his parents and at the first opportunity he was able to, he moved out.
With a lot more encouragement from Terry, Finn went to college, then on to medical school, and then a year into a four-year residency in Anesthesiology. He was 28 when the wreckless nature caught up with him at last and he was caught signing out extra narcotics for himself. He was subsequently kicked out of the residency program and put through 6 months of rehab. The barrier to entry back into the medical field was too great for Finn to overcome and he gave up on that dream. He's floated around ever since, bouncing back and forth between whatever work he could find wherever he was. He did pick up a Sport Pilot License when he lived in Phoenix.
In January 2015, Finn begrudgingly flew back home to Greenfield. The world was abuzz with talk of aliens and lights in the sky. He got into an argument with his parents almost immediately upon arrival and stormed off, locked himself in his old room, and took enough painkillers that he blacked out for more than twelve hours. When he came to, he wasn't in his room anymore and his parents were dead. He called 911, then ran. He's been running ever since.


Finn has a medium build and is about 6'2" tall with medium-length brown hair that is often tucked securely behind his ears. He doesn't look famished, but his body is thinner than normal given the constant running and evading he's had to do to stay alive.

He wears a plaid button-down shirt tucked into dark denim jeans with well-worn hiking boots and a thick brown leather belt.


Finn has made it clear that he's not sticking around camp for the long-term and so he's been reluctant to open up to anyone, therefor he often seems distant or withdrawn.

RP Hooks

  • He doesn't talk openly about it, but he worked for Frank and bandits in town before fleeing.
  • Addicted to pain killers
  • Can play the piano
  • Really wants to butcher the pig for bacon.



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Terry Collins
How can someone you missed so much drive you so flipping crazy?


Finn's Logs


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