Gabriel Owen Davenport
Portrayed By Jon Fletcher
Gender Male
Place of Birth Nebraska
Date of Birth March 19
Age 26
Aliases The Blind Chef
Position Nomad
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Former Cook, whom now lives by himself.


Known as the loner that lives over by the lake, in his cabin. Shows up to the camp once in awhile to help out when need calls for it. But otherwise he stays by himself.

RP Hooks

  • Hear that?: Gabriel plays the flute. Feel free to come by, allured by the music.
  • Hungry?: Gabriel is a cook, used to be a big time chef. If you're hungry you could come find him. He might be a loner, but he can't say no to someone in need of some food.
  • General fun: A lot of things can happen out and about, so feel fee to poke me for any general rp. Even if he is a loner, we'll find a reason for them to interact. Just send off a page.


  • Acute Sense: Touch: After going blind his senses got better. Especially his sense of touch.
  • Blind: Kind of self explanatory.
  • Compassionate: Has a hard time saying no to people, always want to help out, if people are in need.
  • Loner: Keeps to himself, out in his cabin. With his chickens and spices.


Trouble.jpg Trouble
My dog. He has been an amazing companion so far. I am happy that I ran into him.
Image Unavailable



Gabriel's Logs

(2016-08-21) Dinner for Three
Dinner for Three Summary: Mon and Avery have dinner with Gabriel after a hard day's...

(2016-06-24) Ride to the Moon
Ride to the Moon Summary: Mon and Gabriel (Also Trouble the dog) go scavenging. They find each...

(2016-05-13) A Hot Shower
A Hot Shower Summary: Mon finally gets the bathhouse up and running. She (and Gabriel) find a...

(2016-05-12) Don't Get Sewage on the Chef
Don't get Sewage on the Chef Summary: Mon finally runs into Gabriel. Their happy reunion is...

(2016-04-11) OMG -- Date Night
OMG – Date Night Summary: Mon and Gabriel go out for a drink. -Gasp- There's handholding and...

(2016-04-04) Revelations 1
Revelations 1 Summary: Mon spills her guts to Gabriel in the aftermath of Snapped and Their...

(2016-04-01) Worm Stew
Worm Stew Summary: Gabriel cooks. Date: 2016.04.01 Related: None Players: .... ...

(2016-04-01) Burnin' Down the House
Burnin' Down the House Summary: Terry cooks. Mon and Gabriel eat. Monica almost burns down the...

(2016-03-28) What Would Mom Say?
What Would Mom Say? Summary: Gabriel gets turned around and finds Mon's apartment by mistake....

(2016-03-28) Trading
Trading Summary: A bit of trading with Noah Date: 3.28.2016 Related: Related Logs (Say None...

(2016-03-26) Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush Summary: A scavenge of the bakery results in lots of sugar Date: 3.26.2016 ...

(2016-03-25) Another Told
Another Told Summary: Piper is marking people off the list, slowly. Date: 3.25.2016 Related:...

(2015-11-11) Decorations
Decorations Summary: Quinton, Gabriel and Piper find a house still decked out from last...

(2015-09-14) Barkspawn and Beaver Stew
Barkspawn and Beaver Stew Summary: Gabriel and Terry chat and hunt while their dogs do dog...

(2015-09-09) Fishing in the Dark
Fishing in the Dark Summary: Gabriel and Terry talk as they fish and hunt, and find other things...

(2015-09-01) Bandit Defectors
Bandit Defectors Summary: A group of bandits run into a group from Camp Hope. Date: 9.1.2015 ...

(2015-08-31) Silencer in the Bushes
Silencer in the Bushes Summary: Qera is met. Quinton gets in the way of the shoot and Gabriel...

(2015-08-29) Puppies, Poppies, and Pretty Pennies
Puppies, Poppies, and Pretty Pennies Summary: Terry, Gabriel, and Kayla wander off in search of...

(2015-08-09) Checking Up
Checking Up Summary: Quinton Piper go to check on Gabriel Date: 8.9.2015 Related: None ...

(2015-08-02) Dining Hall Down Time
Dining Hall Down Time Summary: One of probably many moments of time where breathing can happen. ...

(2015-07-27) Sharing the Findings
Sharing the Findings Summary: Quinton and Piper bring Gabriel a few things they found. Holden is...

(2015-07-19) New Blood
New Blood Summary: Piper and Gabriel meet Jade and bring her to camp Date: 07.19.2015 ...

(2015-07-16) Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather Summary: Gabriel, Quinton, Piper and the children seek refuge from the rain ...

(2015-07-08) Wandering in the Woods
Wandering in the Woods Summary: Quinton, Piper w/Caro in tow, run into Gabriel wandering through...

(2015-06-28) On a Horse With No Name
On a horse with no name Summary: Gabriel offers directions to Alicia, to head for Camp Hope ...

(2015-06-23) Awkward Breakfast Conversation
Awkward Breakfast Conversation Summary: What happens when three non-talkers try to converse ...


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