Genevieve Helena MacKail
Portrayed By Lindsay Ellingson (Face)
Gender Female
Place of Birth Trinity, NL (Canada)
Date of Birth March 23, 1991
Age 25
Alias Ginny, Gen, Newf
Position: Food Prep
Status Alive
First Appeared

What I'd give to remember that heavenly state
Just a moment in time; all mine to create.
As I'm taking my last breath I know what I'll see
There'll be green waves forever out there waiting for me.

Take me home to the meadow that cradles my heart
Where the waves reach as far as you can see.
Take me home to the meadow; we've been too long apart,
I can still hear you calling for me.

"Greenwaves" © Secret Garden


Born to a large family — (and once on the precipice of starting her own) — Genevieve is no stranger to love. So by inverse, crippling loss, as well…


Genevieve MacKail is a petite, expressive woman; healthy enough, all-things-considered. From the jauntiness of her swift stride to how her work-worn hands always seem keen on keeping busy with a task (or straight-up fidgetting), 'Ginny' is rarely idle.

Her five foot, four inch frame is fine-boned and lithe, with just the right amount of curvature. Depending upon one's individual tastes, Ginny is a beauty.. in an 'earth-child' sorta way. As in, it doesn't take much to put herself together… which is helpful in this world, nowadays. She seems to really jibe well with the 'artfully messy' sort of look: wavy ash-blond hair pulled back into a hasty, thick braid that reaches mid-back; lips that can smile sweetly one moment and smirk wryly the next; and finally, the green-gold hue of her incredibly kind hazel eyes.

Remaining true to her roots before the Arrival, Ginny is a practical, no nonsense sort and this is reflected in her chosen/scavenged attire: cargo pants with plenty of pockets for stuffing away miscellaneous things; camisoles or fitted shirts (weather-depending); a bandana over her hair while at work; sturdy combat boots, functional shoes OR bare feet. She favors neutral colors or subtle cool hues, but rarely gives one whit about dressing to impress.


Ginny is a sweetheart, but she has some fire in her belly and won't hesitate to tell someone who is either accosting her or someone she cares about to 'go fly off to their f'k', in Newfie-speak. Long story short, she's no pushover; nor is she a jerk. Ginny loves deeply and strives to make other comfortable, often working herself to the bone to see to these things. She was once a professional baker, and secretly longs for the equipment and supplies necessary so that she may revisit her trade.

Sometimes she can be given to fits of sentimentality; in those occasions she tries to keep to herself so as to not bring others down. She misses her family and fiance terribly, but tries her best to not mull in it. Everyone lost somebody, afterall.

Miscellaneous Information

Kidlets Ginny grew up around younger siblings, and by extension in a small town with other families' youngsters. She is no stranger around kids of all ages, especially babies and toddlers. She is very competent with childcare, and actually loves youngins' dearly. While she has little experience with teenagers… they don't scare her, either!
Nom Nom Nom Ginny will happily feed your belly with good food and your mind with good conversation.
A Friendly Ear See: previous. Genevieve is very curious about other folks, and enjoys lending an ear and getting to know those who engage her.
Patchwork A decent seamstress, Ginny is able to make repairs and alterations to fabric and attire with whatever means she has at her disposal.
Scavenger Ginny grew up loving the outdoors, and this in the post-Arrival world translates to her not being anxious about exploring and looking for helpful things. Both her eye-for-detail and sense of perception are boons.
Music A love for song and dance is in her Newfoundlander blood, and Ginny very much enjoys collaborating with musicians and exercising her lovely singing voice.
Wanted: Self-Defense More and more, Ginny is beginning to dislike her inability to defend herself or others… especially the kids! Are you good with firearms? She may notice and ask you for help someday~


alstock.jpg Allan Everett
(Fiancé; Deceased)
"My Al. I will never forget how you left this world… you did not deserve that terrible, ugly end. I can't unsee it. God above, I miss you so much. Rest in peace my sweet darlin'."
kiddostock.jpg Camp Hope Kids
"Sweet babies. Our future, now… will protect you with my life. I will fight tooth and nail if I have to."
trinitystock.jpg Lost Home: Trinity, NL
(Obliterated by Waves)
"So beautiful… such a beautiful place, an' amazing people. I miss it all so much. I can't believe that so much has been wiped away… gone. I see it only in my dreams now, and if the Others finish what they started, it'll be m'Heaven."


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