Isabeau Sophia Blake Riker
Portrayed By Chrishell Stubbs
Gender Female
Place of Birth New Zealand
Date of Birth 8 October 1988
Age 26
Aliases <>
Position Carpenter
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Born in New Zealand on October 7th, 1986, Isabeau's mother Miriam Blake, met her father, Mordecai Riker, on a Missouri Ranch and the two engaged in some Very Adult Activities (TM) without thinking much about the consequences. Miriam found out she was pregnant after returning home to her own ranch in New Zealand. Eventually, the two decided to give the whole Married thing a whirl, but Miri found Morty's borderline paranoia and constant talk of Alien conspiracy theories to be taxing at best. Morty didn't do too well in New Zealand, and, after the birth of Isa's brother Zachary, the two divorced and Isabeau's father moved back to the states in 1994. (To this day Miriam swears it was the doomsday prepping that did their marriage in.)

Isabeau lived a charmed life despite the odd upbringing, and as a child she learned to see the magic in the world around her. Living in one of the most scenic places in the world probably helped, but, for the most part, her mother encouraged her to be outdoors whenever possible and when it wasn't she had books. Of those aforementioned books, she was an avid consumer, reading everything from Tolkien and Asimov to Shakespeare and Austin.

Her years in college and university were spent persuing the study of veterinary medicine. Around the time she got her degree her father fell Ill and in 2010 she moved to her father's ranch for several years, learning carpentry and the various skills needed to run the place between bouts at dead end jobs. Even after he recovered she decided to stay on. But, when the waves started hitting, well. Bo stopped calling her father crazy and started listening.

She'd had to abandon the ranch, the sickness that claimed her father and step-brother driving more desperate people further into the rural areas. She packed up six of the horses, some camping gear, her father's shotguns and rifles and started heading south. She managed to avoid running into too many of the bandits that roamed rampantly. And of the encounters she'd had, well they left their marks on each other. She lost three of the horses in the process leaving her with Snow, Bandit and Lady of whom she is violently protective. She doesn't know if her mother is still alive or not, nor does she know the whereabouts or status of her younger brother Zach.


A wild mane of dark hair, usually wrested into a braid, frames a round face with large moss green eyes, light brown skin and full lips. Her frame is slight, clothing worn and tattered in places, showing signs of wear and tear. Jeans and flannel shirts are the norm, with genuine cowgirl boots, hat, and belt.


RP Hooks

Real Cowgirl Isabeau grew up on a Ranch in New Zealand and lived at her father's in Missouri until after the virus hit. She knows her way around animals. Isa rode the rodeo circuit for several years, has the belt buckles to prove it. She can rope, barrel race, and ride a bronco with the best of them.
Dr.Dolittle No, she can't talk to animals, well, she can but they don't talk back in words. Isabeau is a licenced veterinarian and tends to find her four-legged friends easier to understand than people.
Book Worm Isabeau's a voracious reader, She also carries a dog-eared volume of Shakespeare's collected works, and a dead tablet that has an entire library and music stored on it, if she can ever make it work again.
Handywoman If she doesn't know how to do it herself, she'll either find someone who can, figure out where she can learn how or experiment until she gets it right. She loves working with her hands and coming up with solutions to complex problems, or finding ways to make the solutions of others into a reality
Blacksmith It started with becoming a Farrier for her horses, and branched into a love for working with metals. Got welding gear? Soldering gear? She really wants to find an Anvil but with modern manufacturing techniques they became almost obsolete.
Carpenter Woodwork, carving whittling. She's a fair knowledge of how to put things together, and always wants to know more.


ADD? Anyone who spends a great deal of time around Isabeau might notice that she's got a mind that leaps from thought to thought in odd ways. She also has trouble focusing down on just one idea or project and usually needs someone around who can keep her focused on seeing it through before another idea strikes.
Unladylike Isabeau is one of those types. She grew up with brothers and ranch hands. It's not that she doesn't act like a girl, she just thinks survival and comfort are a higher priority.
Ego anyone? Isabeau is not one of those people who suffers from a lack of self confidence. In fact it is difficult to embarass her about anything.


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Sheriff Bob
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
— Immanuel Kant
So far he seems like a good sort, and anybody who knows how to treat an animal the right way always gets bonus points. Then again I always had a very positive relationship with law enforcement so maybe that colors that opinion some.

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Soldier Boy, The Marine; Terry
Also known as Fritz's human, the sorta-roomate, and the purveyor of delicious things. He's got a happy go lucky attitude that makes you wonder sometimes how old he actually is. It's kinda refreshing, and so far he seems like he's able to be trusted, or at least I've not had a reason to want to shoot or stab him. Yet.

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The quiet one; Piper
Admittedly she was a cause for concern at first, but I admit she's growing on me. So many ideas, and enthusiasm. I think we can work together just fine.


Isabeau's Logs


(2015-12-02) Ranch Findings
Ranch Findings Summary: A day trip leads to both good and grisly findings Date: 12.2.2015 ...

(2015-11-27) Day Trip
Day Trip Summary: Isabeau and Piper head out for a day trip to the grasslands Date: 11.27.2015...

(2015-11-26) Awkward Turns of Phrase
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(2015-11-25) Inflicting Healing
Inflicting Healing Summary: Isabeau plays doctor. Date: 25 November 2015 Related: Injured...

(2015-11-25) Injured Parties
Injured Parties Summary: Quinton and Elijah are recovering while Piper and Isabeau visit. ...

(2015-11-24) Stay
Stay Summary: Isabeau's leaving, Terry manages to talk her out of it. Crazy's in the water all...

(2015-11-22) Showers, Power and Plans
Showers, Power and Plans Summary: Isabeau and Piper share ideas Date: 11.22.2015 Related:...

(2015-11-22) Trust Kills
Trust Kills Summary: Isabeau wakes up in a strange place and reflects. Date: 22 Nov 2015 ...

(2015-11-21) Food and Plans
Food and Plans Summary: Terry feeds a stray, and he and Isabeau come up with a tentative plan...

(2015-11-20) Unclear communication
Unclear Communication Summary: Isabeau encounters Piper, and the two attempt to communicate with...

(2015-11-20) Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend Summary: Isabeau meets Fritz, Terry too. Someone may have figured out her...

(2015-11-19) Pups and Trust
Pups and Trust Summary: Isa and Bob have a furry encounter. Date: November 19th. 2015 ...

(2015-11-18) Family and Options
Family and Options Summary: Terry and Isabeau go scavaging and the Marine presents her with...

(2015-11-18) Stranger in Town
Stranger in Town Summary: Quinton, Terry and Piper encounter a lone woman named Isabeau Date:...

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