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Jace Haydren Riley
Portrayed By Peter Dinklage
Gender Male
Place of Birth Omaha, NE
Date of Birth Dec. 12
Age 29
Aliases <>
Position <>


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*It was known before Jace was born he was going to have Dwarfism. His parents were prepared and it was a relatively drama free issue for the family a a whole.
*When he was 10, Jace fell into a poll with a cover and drowned. They actually had to revive him, breaking several ribs. it traumatized the young boy and he's never gotten over the fear of drowning since.
*Jace went over seas for a semester, learning french and taking photos.
*Jace was quickly on his way to making a name for himself with his camera, if he could just stop getting distracted by the models. Or brawls, which he did surprisingly well in.
*He knows how to develop film and could, in theory, make a darkroom…if he could just get the tools and chemicals.
*used to go to conventions and would take pics of Cosplayers.
*Both of his significant others passed away during the scarlet plague.
*He's just recently taken up pipe smoking. He stubbled upon a finely made set of pipes. And has found that it's much more soothing than cigarettes.
*Camp Hope may not be ideal, but it's the most ideal he's looking for.


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*Pipe Smoker


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Not sure if friends is the right word here. Back before the earth went to hell I did some publicity photos for her. She wasn't going by the name Piper back then, but clearly she is keeping who she is a secret for a reason. Then, like now she has the face of an angel and a voice to match I had to find out if there was a devil underneath it all. Her cock-blocking agent though wouldn't let me get within five feet of her so I never did get a chance run my flagpole….ahem. And now she is silent and surrounded by kids….


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