Jade Williams
Portrayed By Jessica Chastain
Gender Female
Place of Birth Casper, WY
Age How rude!
Position Vet and Loud-Mouth


Originally from Wyoming, Jade has travelled east looking for remnants of civilisation that are less inclined towards looting and murdering. She hasn't discussed much of her past with anyone yet, though she's obviously trained in veterinary science and practice.

She brought two horses and two dairy cows with her to Camp Hope, suggesting a background in livestock.. or she just got lucky when hunting.


No rep yet. She hasn't been here long enough.

RP Hooks

  • Got an animal in need of some TLC? Jade is a competent vet and genuinely seems to get along better with animals than she does most people.
  • Need a doctor? Too bad we don't have one, but humans are just animals too, right? Maybe she can help.. a bit.
  • Need somebody to drink with? Jade's always happy to knock a few back.


  • Animal Lover - She prefers animals to people, and they seem to enjoy her company in return.
  • Blunt - A spade is a spade, and so on.
  • Claustrophobic - This one is kept pretty quiet, but she's not a fan of small spaces if there's no easy way out.
  • Potty-Mouth - She likes her four-letter words. And some longer ones too.


Horses.JPG Haze and Tate
My two closest friends in this God-forsaken world.
Cows.JPG Miss Bluebell and Lady Marigold
Like family. Well, as much family as there is these days.


Jade's Logs

(2015-08-13) What's A Dubbin?
What's A Dubbin? Summary: To bad the apocalypse no longer has google. Date: 8.13.2015 ...

(2015-08-10) Road Trip to Stand Off
Road Trip to Standoff Summary: What starts as scavenging trip turns into a stand off and a face...

(2015-07-25) Vet's Assistant
Vet's Assistant Summary: Jade, Piper and the flock at the Equestrian Center. Date: 07.25.2015 ...

(2015-07-24) Bribery
Bribery Summary: Quinton won't eat, bribery is resorted too. Date: 07.24.2015 Related:...

(2015-07-22) Firsts
Firsts Summary: Firsts for both Jade and Quinton Date: 2015-07-22 Related: Biting the Bullet...

(2015-07-20) Salvaging Operation
Salvaging Operation Summary: Quinton, Piper and Caro work on salvaging waterlogged tents. Jade...

(2015-07-19) New Blood
New Blood Summary: Piper and Gabriel meet Jade and bring her to camp Date: 07.19.2015 ...


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