Julia Cohen
Portrayed By Eva Green
Gender Female
Place of Birth Fremont
Date of Birth Feb 26
Age 32
Aliases Jules
Position Enforcer


A small town cop from Fremont, Nebraska, Julia Cohen was never going to be busting up massive cross-board drug rings or mob families. She was raised in a cop family to be a small town cop herself. Her father was the police comissioner of Fremont for at least ten years of her life and she always dreamt of following in his footsteps. Jules' earliest memories are of going down to the precinct and watching the wave of activity, the way people looked at her father with admiration in her eyes, and the fact it felt like a second family by the way they all treated her.

Her mother died, heart attack, when she was five. No time for other siblings, no one but her and her dad. But that's all that was needed. He took her to the shooting range as soon as she could handle a small pistol. He taught her law. He taught her love — love for her community as much as her family. It was no surprise that she followed in his footsteps.

A degree in criminal justice and immediate application to the police academy meant that Jules ended up one of the youngest officers on Fremont's force. She was promotes to Lieutenant on her 26th birthday and detective on her 29th. Everyone in town knew who Jules Cohen was. Everyone trusted her. She just wished she didn't let quite so many of them down when the end came. She was supposed to keep them safe, to make it all make sense, to take the bullets from the bad guys so the innocents didn't have to. But how do you take bullets from the sky when they're not even shooting guns?


Jules Cohen and her father were known institutions in the town of Fremont. The best cops in town, the friendliest faces on the street. They spoke at school assemblies, came to every town picnic, and always did a father daughter dance at the policemen's ball. Her father had retired, but Jules was known as one of the fastest promoted officers in the local police department. Having an Officer Cohen around when something went wrong almost always set people's heart at ease.

RP Hooks

Jules doesn't sleep well these days. If you're a night owl, so is she. She's also fiending for coffee something fierce, so maybe you want to go scrounging with her? She also loves books, literature having been her second favorite thing aside from the law. Lastly, while not that talented, music has always been a side hobby. Singing, playing a guitar or just listening. She bonds over music faster than anything.


  • Coffee'n'Donut Fiend
  • Insomniac
  • Dark Secret
  • Extremely Attractive


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