Kalvin Roberts
Portrayed By <>
Gender Male
Place of Birth Columbus, GA
Date of Birth March 20, 1988
Age 28
Alias <>
Position Technician
Status Alive
First Appeared <>
Current Location <>


Before the attacks started, Kalvin was your normal college student studying to be a computer programmer. When the mothership first arived Kalvin watched the news reports he thought it was all a big scare that someone was playing with everyone. When the first 2 attacks happend, Kalvin was ok and not hert at all. However when the big EMP attacked happend Kalvin was just finishing up classes at his college and he was just about to call his ride and also check in with his family when the power cut out and everything stopped. Lucky for Kalvin he did not live very far from his home. He was able to walk home but very slowly as people were in a panick trying to get home. He checked on his family and saw they were OK. When the 4th attack happend his family were the ones that got sick he had a brother that was a few years behind Kalvin and his mom and dad also got sick and didn't make it through the playg. Kalvin herd about were people were going to go for safety and so set off for camp hope.


A tall man with long currly hair and has white teeth and is clean shaven.


RP Hooks


Very smart


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Kalvin's Logs



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