Kayla Elizabeth Wells
Portrayed By Kate Mara
Gender Female
Place of Birth <>
Date of Birth April 24
Age 22
Aliases <>
Position <>
Status <>
First Appeared <>



She stands just above 5'7" tall and appears to be in her early twenties. Her hair, a rich, warm auburn, tinged with highlights of a dark copper, is pulled back into a simple ponytail, which falls well past her shoulderblades. Her eyes are a bright, warm green, her irises edged in a soft gray, quite the contrast to her hair. Rimmed in thick, dark lashes, they are quite striking in their almost liquid quality. Her nose and cheekbones are aristocratic in nature, delicate and refined in their appearance, and sport a smattering of freckles. Her bow-shaped lips, which seem almost perpetually pulled up in a soft smile, are tinged a soft, natural pink. Her skin is creamy, alabaster almost, as most with red-tinged complexions are apt to be.

A simple v-necked t-shirt in navy blue is worn under a well-loved leatehr jacket that has clearly seen better days. Faded blue jeans cover her legs, and worn sneakers protect her feet.


RP Hooks

Sweet Tooth
Elementary School Teacher Wannabe


Double Jointed (shoulders)
Poor memory


Image Unavailable

Best big brother ever


Kayla's Logs


(2016-09-06) Staking Out the Base
Staking Out the Base Summary: A group stakes out the nearest Kamo Kid base. Date: 9.6-2016 ...

(2016-08-23) Help Wanted
Help Wanted Summary: Devon appears. He sure is cocky for someone who wants help. Date:...

(2016-08-12) Searching for Hope
Searching for Hope Summary: Log Summary Date: None is found Related: Related Logs (Say None...

(2016-08-08) Doodles of Hope
Doodles of Hope Summary: Quinton and Kayla have a small conversation, it doesn't go south till...

(2016-08-06) Explanations
Explanations Summary: Kayla finds out what Quinton's issue is, but they have no idea how to fix...

(2016-08-02) Not Quite A Rescue
Not Quite A Rescue Summary: What do you do when the person you came to rescue, doesn't wanna be...

(2016-05-31) Hit and Run
Hit and Run Summary: A Silencer is hit, fleeing ensues and then info bombs are dropped. Date:...

(2016-04-19) School Supplies
School Supplies Summary: Kayla, Quinton and Piper search the elementary school Date: 4.19.2016...

(2016-03-17) Stopping the Blame Train
Stopping the Blame Train Summary: That escalated quickly Date: 3.17.2016 Related: Related...

(2016-02-29) Deskunked
Deskunked Summary: Mon helps Quinton and Piper get un-stinky. Happens after Skunked ,...

(2016-03-01) Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet Summary: The two groups come together to make some decisions and mingle Date:...

(2016-02-26) Foraging at the Creek
Foraging by the Creek Summary: Kayla, Quinton and Piper go look for necessary plants Date:...

(2016-02-23) Refugees
Refugees Summary: Log Summary Date: 2.23.2016 Related: Related Logs (Say None if there...

(2016-02-19) Wolves
Wolves Summary: Wolves go after the horses. Thankfully they are stopped, but not without some...

(2016-02-19) Mission: Failed
Mission Failed Summary: No cheering up today Date: 2.19.2016 Related: Related Logs (Say None...

(2016-02-09) Lost, Found and Fight
Lost, Found and Fight Summary: A locked footlocker liberated from the Camo Kids is relocated....

(2016-02-08) Reconcilled
Reconcilled Summary: Kayla and Piper seem to have patched things up Date: 2.8.2016 Related:...

(2016-02-02) Raider v Silencer
Raider v Silencer Summary: Not sure who started the fight, but Bob certainly finished it. ...

(2016-01-27) Dumas or Bust Prt 2
Log Title Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date Related: Related Logs (Say None if there aren't...

(2016-01-26) Dumas or Bust Prt 1
Dumas or Bust Prt 1 Summary: A break during the trip to Dumas Date: 1.26.2016 Related:...

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