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Lorenzo Reyes
Portrayed By John Leguizamo
Gender Male
Place of Birth Columbia
Date of Birth Oct 11
Age 30
Aliases <>
Position Farmer


Lorenzo Reyes had the misfortune of being born in a small Columbian town, population 118, run by a criminal cartel (Salvatore) whose main business was the production and smuggling of cocaine and opium. There wasn't a person in the small town that didn't work for Salvatore in some form or fashion. If they didn't farm the plants, they provided security, food or some other form of labor. Lorenzo and his family were no different. It didn't help that the Salvatores and the Reyes were related, most of the town was in some form or fashion.

When Lorenzo was old enough to pitch in he went with his parents to the fields to plant and harvest when he wasn't in school.

Lorenzo was happy and charismatic kid, but one who tended to over react about things. Friendly and outgoing he was everyone?s friend. With is strong back and knack with plants he was destined to eventually be put in charge of the crops by Salvatore. Things didn't work out that way though thanks to the aliens.

In the chaos that came after the arrival the Reyes family escaped and migrated north, planning on joining with family in El Paso. Wave after wave passed as they made their way north on horseback. Finally they crossed the border, joined up with relatives and continued north until they came to the ghost town of Stratford where the finally decided to settle down.


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Baby cousin. Grew up together and was raised to have each other's back. Sure is is way to serious, but it takes all kinds.


Lorenzo's Logs


(2015-12-15) Sheltered Life
Sheltered Life Summary: A family is found hidden in an underground bunker Date: 12.15.2015 ...

(2015-11-24) The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave Summary: A huge explosion takes out the Reyes camp, and nearly a group of Camp...

(2015-10-22) In Texas
In Texas Summary: A brief cutscene of Quinton getting to know on of the people in Texas Date:...


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