Sister Margaret Anne Madsen, SSDN
Portrayed By Barbara Bel Geddes
Gender Female
Place of Birth Dubuque, IA
Date of Birth December 9, 1955
Age 60
Aliases <>
Position Nurse and Nun
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Sister Margaret Madsen was born and grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. She entered the order of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1977 and professed her her final vows in 1983. Sister Margaret holds a master's degree in nursing and has been a nurse educator and administrator in public health clinics in the Midwest and Southwest since the mid-1980s. She was working in Amarillo, Texas when the waves began and was forced from there at gunpoint by a group leaving the city. Most of that group was lost in time, but she has continued on north.


She is a petite woman with graying blonde hair cut very short and slate-gray eyes. Her chin is strong even though her cheeks are starting to sag with age, and her face is lined, especially around the eyes. She is dressed in jeans, light hiking boots, a long-sleeved green sweatshirt, and a black nylon jacket. Around her neck is a thin chain from which hangs a small silver crucifix.


Her first clinical supervisor told her after her first shift as a head nurse, "Margaret, there's a difference between being the charge nurse and being the 'CHARGE!' nurse!" Others have less kindly nicknamed her "Sister Bulldozer."

RP Hooks


Pushy, quick-tempered, stubborn


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