Monica Jordan Cooper-Reid (nee Foreman)
Portrayed By Collette Wolfe
Gender Female
Place of Birth Wamsutter, WY
Date of Birth 01/13/1994
Age 23
Aliases <>
Position Other
Status Married
First Appeared <>


(Note from the Archivist: Ms. Foreman is capable of nearly obsessive focus and manic energy solving particularly mechanical problems, and by the conclusion of this interview had completely dismantled, cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted this typewriter to produce the even, dark type you now see.)


Mon has recovered entirely from the months of starvation prior to arriving at Camp Hope. It shows. The eyes are blue and clear, dark circles under them all but gone, and while the damage to her face is still visible, it's more like old acne scars than the tangle of varicose veins she had when she arrived.

Well look at that. Clearly it's not a Civil War reenactment outfit. In Civil War times, a pair of jeans that tattered would not have been cut off at the bottom of the pockets and hemmed into shorts. They'd have been thrown away. Likewise the T-shirt would have been considered underwear, and indecent at that, for all that it's printed with the Texas flag and the words "Don't Mess with Texas." And yes, that is a truly awful old John Deere baseball cap on her head, and those are combat boots on her feet. One might note that Mon's legs are now clean shaven, and that the plague scars there have faded considerably too. She's wearing her revolver, slung low on her hip for a fast draw.


Now the town council's head of R&D.

RP Hooks


  • Fix Stuff
  • Make Stuff
  • Think Stuff
  • Shoot Stuff

for food.
May also give advice on life and surviving. Think carefully before taking that advice


Double Jointed Okay, that thing she can do with her thumbs is just nasty. Most of Mon's joints are very flexible. Tying her up and keeping her that way can be a real chore.
Fanaticism - Maker Monica makes things and fixes things. It's as much a part of her as breathing. She fiddles with any mechanism in or near her hands (One might note she doesn't touch loaded guns except to unload them or shoot them, and she obsessively checks stray guns for being loaded.) She's been known to work for days straight, without sleeping, without eating, until the problem is solved or she collapses.
Flashblacks - Plauge Half of Monica's family died in front of her. Two of them … her brother and her mother … well, plague's an ugly way to go. She had to put out of their misery, and they were only the first two people she's killed. There are nights she wakes up screaming, and they're not going to stop any time soon.


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Terry Collins
Surrogate brother, middle, contents: one. Terry was kind to Mon when she first turned up at the reservoir. Her crush has worn away to a general safe feeling around him that she gets from few other people, male or female.

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"Just like me kind of. You play a role and suddenly you're stuck living it… I wonder where she is now.

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Elijah Cooper Reid
friend, doctor, patient, husband. We got married shortly after the Equinox. As of July 4, 2017, we also have a daughter together. Her name is Hope Savannah Cooper-Reid.

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An enigma wrapped in motherhood. Piper is the triumph of who someone is over what they are. Mon's a little conflicted, but considers Piper a close friend.

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Quinton A. Wells
Something about Quinton calls to Mon, and she's not sure what. It also seems to make her say the dumbest imaginable things around him. Piper's so going to kick her butt, she just knows it. Surrogate little brother, maybe? Don't tell him, he's older than she is.

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Gabriel Owen Davenport
the ex.

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Virgil Camry
"He fixed my roof. Nice guy. Hiding something." Virgil is a good looking guy, truly. Mon is conflicted that she's so acutely aware of that.


Monica's Logs


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(2016-09-22) The End and the Beginning
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(2016-09-21) Hello or Goodbye
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(2016-09-12) Research Project and Rifle Training
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(2016-09-07) Making the Pieces Fit
Making the Pieces Fit Summary: Mon and Cari put the new windmill tower back together. They...

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Specs on the guns Mon's made.
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