Moritz Kreuger
Portrayed By Justin Theroux
Gender Male
Place of Birth Nacogdoches, TX
Date of Birth Way Back Then
Age 34
Aliases MK
Position Law Enforcement
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Kreuger was born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas. He attended Stephen F Austin State University where he acquired a degree in Criminal Justice. He then moved to Arlington, Texas where he attended the police academy and began his career in Law Enforcement. He would spend the next several years being a police officer working in the theft department. He met Kim, fell in love, and were married. Just before the first wave struck, he took his detective exam, passed and was then on the waiting list. When things went down hill quickly, he decided that he and Kim would be survivors. The next waves proved him wrong. Kim died of the avian flu wave and he was devastated. Still, he pressed on. As a nomad, he would travel around the midwest with and without others, eventually he would hear of the camp and decided to make a go of it.


Kreuger stands just over 6 feet, with an athletic build, dark hair and eyes. His face is normally kept clean shaven and his hair as kempt as possible given the circumstances. Normally wears boots, jeans, and a flannel or basic long sleeved shirt with a leather jacket and a white Stetson. Upon his hips, he wears a heavier belt equipped with a side arm featuring a Glock 37, handcuffs, and a ring for a baton. On his left wrist is a timex leather strapped watch.


Long, tall, Texas lawman who has a penchent for the law and upholding it.

RP Hooks

Break the law; see what happens.


By the Book, Suspicious, Judgmental, Past Life and Loss


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** Moritz Kreuger's Logs**



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