Naomi Kishiki (岸木旺美)
Portrayed By <Mirai Shida>
Gender <Female>
Place of Birth <Tokyo, Japan>
Date of Birth <May 1, 1990>
Age <25>
Aliases <Soup Lady>
Position <Gardener>
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Naomi was born on May 1, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan to teacher parents. At the age of 3, she moved to Cambridge, England and pretty much grew up a quintessential British girl. Her life revolved around helping her mother in the garden, competitive swimming, and soaking up a rather multi-lingual world. By the time she was ten she was fluent in Japanese, English, and Mandarin - by the time she left secondary school, she would add French. At University she followed in her parent's footsteps and studied foreign language teaching with a relatively minor interest in Biology and Botany. She was so much fonder of getting her hands dirty than studying. She went back home to teach at a primary school for a year after she graduated — and then America called.

In the summer of 2014 she took a job teaching Mandarin and Japanese at an all boy's academy outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Although there was an initial bit of a culture shock she loved her job, loved the boys, and loved all that the desert had to offer. It was all fated to last 6 months before the Arrival, and the waves started to hit.

In quick succession, Naomi lost pretty much everything. Communication with her parents and the outside world was cut after the First Wave, the Second saw her lose both her birth and home country with the massive Tidal waves that covered the earth. The Third wave found her in the midst of Plague where nearly all of her students died around her, and the Fourth sent her leaving Roswell entirely. In the middle of all of the death and destruction, she slowly learned how to reinvent herself — and this is the person that arrives at the gate of Camp Hope on a March morning…


Here before you is a young woman, no more than that 23 or 24 years old age. Her dark brown eyes are wide and full of expression, although the creases that fall under them indicate that that expression may be indicative of something far less than wonder. Short, chin length brown hair, frames her oval face falling just slightly over one of her almond shaped eyes. Her lips and full and pink and cheeks rosy without a touch of makeup- perhaps a bit unnaturally so, due to exposure to the wind.
She stands no taller than 5'4" or 5'5" - around average, really. Today she wears a blue top, dotted with flowers, over well worn and dirt stained pair of blue jeans. A gray cardigan sweater - that might have honestly been white at one time, drapes over her outfit from shoulders to knees. On her feet she wears a pair of worn sneakers, the soles just starting to come away. On her back is a blue and silver Jansport backpack - just as dirty and worn as its owner.


Remains to be seen…

RP Hooks

Rides around on a bike with a basket full of mystery…


Stranded Foreigner
Terrified of Dogs
Always Cold


Image Unavailable

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