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Natasha's Logs


(2015-09-22) Celebration - Bar Scene
Celebration - Bar Scene Summary: A night of drinking and relaxation Date: 2015-9-22 Related:...

(2015-09-01) Bandit Defectors
Bandit Defectors Summary: A group of bandits run into a group from Camp Hope. Date: 9.1.2015 ...

(2015-08-28) Cloud Watching
Cloud Watching Summary: A meadow with a blanket, a can of soda and a great conversation. Date:...

(2015-08-26) Accident Drone
Accident Drone Summary: Natasha make a groan worthy word play during a conversation with Quinton...

(2015-08-26) Taking Out A Drone
Taking Out A Drone Summary: The day arrives, Drone hunting..and they get one. Date: 8.26.2015 ...

(2015-08-25) One Fish, Two Fish
One Fish, Two Fish Summary: Natasha and Terry spend some time by the lake. Date: 08.25.2015 ...

(2015-08-24) Bees!
Bees! Summary: Harmony wants honey bees so that's happening! Date: 8.24.2015 Related: None ...


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