Nora O. Lawson
Portrayed By Lulu Antariksa
Gender Female
Place of Birth Cambria, CA
Date of Birth March 26
Age 17
Aliases No!
Position Other
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Born in the small beach town of Cambria, California, Nora had the usual childhood of a beach bum. She hated school, even though her mother was the Mandrin/Asian studies professor at a local university and her father taught high school English. She loved sports instead, especially surfing. She became quite good and competed on the international level as well as participated in local and not so local triathlons. Her goal in life was to either be a professional surfer or triathlete. The Arrival though short-circuited those plans.

When the Arrival started she was in Australia, competing for a pro-surfing title. The spaceship dropping into the atmosphere cancelled it in its thrid day. It took a few more days to get a flight home, so long that when the EMP took out all power and technology she was between flights at Denver International Airport. She wouldn't be getting home anytime soon. With no quick way to get home she procurred a bike and a little trailer to drag behind it, gathered what stuff she could of hers, thankfully she was able to get her luggage and surfboard, piled it onto the trailer and started biking west. Easier said than done. Luckily she managed to avoid the plague..or was luckuily immune. With the states going to hell she hasn't gotten very far and finally feel into a group of nomads heading her way. She is tired of traveling though and just wants to return to a bit of normalcy…well as normal is it can get now.


RP Hooks

Likes the Water


Pescatarian -
Animal Lover


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The Arthur Dent of the apocalypse, always has a towel. At least he wasn't wearing a bath robe. How tacky would that have been. Doesn't seem to be all that good with names, but despite having a screw loose is pretty good in a crisis.

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What am I going to do with you? Not being able to decide whether to stay or go and your protective awkardness. What's a girl to do?

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She's nice and the gives off good vibes. She'll be a good one to trade things with.

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I have no words. Except these "Lift with your legs!"

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I only know him well enough to know that he is a geek. Star Wars, Transformers, Highlander…Fanboy!


Nora's Logs

(2016-04-21) Earth Shattering Kaboom!
Earth Shattering Kaboom! Summary: Mon makes a wiring error on a project. Gets a very large...

(2016-04-08) Grand Theft Windmill
Grand Theft Windmill -or- That'll Leave a Mark Summary: Mon, Terry, and Nora head off to steal a...

(2016-03-08) Tech Talk
Tech Talk Summary: Nora is doing fine keeping up, then Monica comes along Date: 3.8.2016 ...

(2016-02-25) The Windmill Hunt - Bathhouse Pt 2
The Windmill Hunt - Bathhouse pt2 Summary: Mon and Nora go scavenging. Gossip is exchanged. They...

(2016-02-05) Houston
Houston Summary: On their journey the pair stop to check Linc's home town Date: 2.5.2016 ...

(2016-01-21) Leaving Day
Leaving Day Summary: Lincoln and Nora leave to go check out one of the other camps Date:...

(2016-01-06) Rough Day
Rough Day Summary: Nora comes upon Quinton having a rough time Date: 1.6.2016 Related:...

(2015-12-15) Out of Shape
Out of Shape Summary: Lincoln's not in running form Nora doesn't tease him about that Date:...

(2015-12-11) Power Play
Power Play Summary: Lincoln and Sophia work on the lights Date: IC Date Related: Related...

(2015-11-05) Still Awkward After All This Time
Still Awkward After All This Time Summary: Linc and Nora chat Date: 11.5.2015 Related:...

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