Pied Piper

I have been living on the edge of light and shadow all my life, unsure of where I belong, searching for my place. I wish I could find peace and close my eyes forever, but that time has not yet come. - The Shaman

A Little Too Much

Savannah M. Delgado
Portrayed By Madison Pettis
Gender Female
Place of Birth Omaha, NE
Date of Birth April 19
Age 20
Aliases Pied-Piper
Position Other
Status About that…
First Appeared The Silent Ones

For most of her young life Savannah never knew she had an alien consciousness sleeping in the back of her head. She had the normal childhood, raised by loving parents, her mother ran a day care center and her father was a Vet. She was surrounded by family and lots of pets. They all lived in a nice home in a decent part of Omaha. She had a great love for music from an early age and her parents encouraged this.

After high school she was accepted into Julliard where she continued to play the flute, and began to sing. It wasn't long before she had a recording contract and she cut an album. It wasn't huge hit, but it did make the Billboard top 100 and few of the songs got radio air time. It was while on tour that the voice in her brain woke up and things began to go down hill for her. With the voice warring for dominance in her brain, her performances suffered and her ranting about how something was trying to take over her brain, had both her manager and her parents institutionalizing her.

Months passed with her in the psyche ward, housed with the severe cases due to her violent fits of temper brought on by the voice trying to take over. EST was prescribed and it wasn't until a few treatments later that the voice decided to play nice and merged peacefully with the human personality. A Silencer was born.

The Arrival happened while she was still institutionalized, but she had been moved to a less secure area, so that when the EMP blast hit and all the security systems failed she was able to slip out easily. It wasn't that long of a walk home and her parents were quite surprised, but considering how everything was going to hell they thought she would be safer. Things were okay until after the second wave, they had survived. It was when the looting and the every man for himself sentiment started that things got bad. A gang of thugs broke into their house, her parents killed, she was recognized though and instead of killing her, they captured her, quickly knocking her out and hauling her off. The following weeks will not be spoken off but they were not at all pleasant and broke parts of her brain. It was a relief when the plaque hit. She sat and watched while one ganger after another bleed to death. She collected a few of their weapons and enough supplies and set off. She had no plan except for her own survival. The next month was spent dodging bandits and other Silencers like herself. If other Silencers knew she wasn't killing the humans like she was supposed to, they would kill her on sight.

It was while she was camped outside a small town when the first of the little ones came. She was quietly playing her flute one evening when a small girl came into her camp. The child was stick thin and dirty. It was a wonder the child had survived. Her heart broke for the little one. And it was from then on that she searched the towns she passed through for young ones and collected them. She scavenged a couple of wagons and with her entourage began to search for a safe place for them and the one she suspected was growing inside her and she found it, in Camp Hope.


Pied-Piper or Piper for short is young woman that seems to be just about in her early 20's. Her figure is petite, features youthful, but with the curves associated with womanhood. Additionally, she has one of those faces that looks vaguely familiar, like you may have seen her before but can't remember where. Maybe on the cover of some magazine, she certainly has the exotically beautiful looks for it.

Her skin is a light brown, freckles splash across her nose and eyes nearly black that don't show much in the way of emotion. Black hair thick, kinky and with a mind of its own falls to just past her waist…and there is /so/ much of it. So much that it tries to escape the barrettes and bobby pins used to hold it back from her face.

She wears a black t-shirt, Music is my Religion' circling a treble clef, under an oversize ochre cardigan with green flecks, jeans that nearly fit but are to long and the hem has to be cuffed. As for shoes, that's a big nope. She's barefoot.


Pied Piper came by her nick name honestly, and since no one knows her real name that's what they are stuck calling her, or Piper for short. You see she plays the flute and is usually followed by a flock on children. Woe be the person that tries to harm any of these children. Piper may have beauty queen looks, but that rifle she has strapped to her back isn't just for show. She knows how to use it and use it well.

Since arriving in Stratford, shortly after giving birth to a healthy baby boy she named Quinn, she has started to come out of her shell. She is more open to talking to people once she is used to them, but usually not more than a few words. Only certain people can get real meaningful dialog out of her..unless she is caught on a really good day. It's still advised that no moves are made to touch her, there are exceptions but as a rule it is a good one to follow. She'll either lash out or freak out. Neither is good.

It has become apparent over the months she has been with the group that she is a musician. She is a singer first, and those that have heard her sing would say she has the voice of an angel. She also plays, put an instrument in her hand, namely the flute, guitar or piano and she can coax a tune from it. She composes, plays and collects anything related to music. It is a sure fire way to get on her good side. So is peanut butter.

RP Hooks

The Flock Children can be trouble makers, the ones she rescued and cares for are no exception.

Musical She loves music, and misses listening to it. If you have any musical talent and she finds out you can bet she will be there occasionally to listen.

Performer In her previous, Pre-Arrival life, Piper was a student at Julliard, performed on stage in front of thousands, in several countries, singing operatic and Broadway tunes as well as playing her flute and was in several Broadway musicals. She even had a top 100 album. Maybe you recognize her from her many appearances on stage, magazines and/or on TV. Her hair was straight then but she looks pretty much the same otherwise, and still doesn't wear shoes.

Scavenging She isn't all that great at it, but she likes to do it. Or maybe she just likes to look through people's houses and imagine what the previous owners lives were like. Either way she will go scavenge with you, just ask.


Selective Mutism She isn't much of a talker. Strangers get nothing. Acquaintances and friends can get a few syllables here and there, more possibly on really good days. There are only one or two that can get real conversation from her. They know who they are.

Hates Shoes Walks around barefoot. What will she do when winter comes?

Over Protective All those children who follow her around. I suggest you try not to harm them or she'll harm you.

Dark Secret She's an alien conscious trapped in a human body…at least that is what she thinks. No one knows this of course, that's why its called a secret.

Beauty The aliens aren't stupid, if you are going to be stuck in a human body or use humans to do your dirty work may as well pick a great looking one. Piper could easily have been a cover girl, instead she was an operatic singer and flutist with a hit album.

Other Quirks:

Anthrophobia She has a fear of people. Sometimes it's mild and other times it is intense depending on her emotional state at the time.


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I can see forever in your eyes. Or is it a delusion created by my fragile mind?
The worry is always there, that you will wake up one morning and decide you made a terrible mistake by choosing me.

How did you find me?
You came out of nowhere like lightening
It’s kind of amazing how you found me
Through all the noise somehow
How did you see me?
Broke through the darkness and you reached me
It’s kind of amazing how you found me
Through all the strangers somehow
Amazing - Matt Cardle

Song: Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
(OOC: Also : The Doom Song)

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Quinton's little sister. I promised I would take care of her if anything were to happen to him. She's pleasant, caring and likes children so I would have done it without being asked.
She is an anchor in a way I will never be. For this I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is safe.


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