Qera E. Preston
Portrayed By Amber Heard
Gender Female
Place of Birth Paintsville, KY
Date of Birth 4/16/95
Age 20
Aliases Q
Position Hunter


1. What is the history of your life?
I was raised in the town of Paintsville which is nestled in the eastern hills of Kentucky about 150 miles as a crow flies south of Columbus Ohio. It was a good life full of extracurricular activity, friendship, and of course school. Not once did I ever think there was somewhere I would rather live. I mean, I did the typical daydreaming girl stuff like imagining being in Paris and finding my one true love. Some French guy named Pierre confessing his love for his American obsession. My accent is just too irresistible for him. Beyond that though, loved my home town. There were always plenty of things to occupy the time and my parents made sure that I didn't stay idle for the most part. I guess they figured I would stay out of trouble and on the good path if I had less time to set around and think about things. It probably didn't help that I'm an only child either. So you could pretty much say I was spoiled a bit, but I think friends and family still kept me leveled.

2. What were your parents or guardians like?
The were hip, kind, and understanding. They were also my motivation for continuing when I felt like giving up. The encouragement to break out of my shell and try something new. The inspiration to create and innovate. They were more than just my parents, they were my biggest fans and I felt it each and every day. They are the reason I played sports, went to krav maga and judo, the reason I got into competitive shooting, and the reason I love learning, period. My father was typical in his thinking that his baby girl should have the means to protect herself and I honestly don't think he believed I would get into it as heavy as I did. It made me feel special. A girl that could do what the boys could but even better. It was exhilaration. My mother always made sure I took care of myself properly and would spend a lot of time worrying over how I would be perceived by others, even when I didn't care myself. I will admit she was a bit vain about things but I wouldn't trade the time we spent together for anything in the world. I could tell her anything. Well anything except one thing.

3. What was the most pivotal or important moment in your life?
My fifteenth birthday is when a nightmare began that took me nearly two years to wake up from. It started off as a recurring dream and suddenly led to a complete and utter breakdown of my psyche. I was completely at ends with everything that made me who I was, and conflicted because there was an overwhelming feeling that I wasn't me anymore. It felt like someone else was trying to man the driver's seat and shove me aside. After awhile I just kind of accepted it and but the struggle didn't come without its consequences. I haven't been the same person since and I never will be. It drives me crazy and is probably the reason I resent myself to this day, because I'm not who I once was, and I'm not happy.

4. What events have recently transpired to bring you to this point in time?
Well I think impending doom would be right there at the top of the list. It took four years from the time that I awakened to what I really was until the mother ship appeared in the sky, hovering silently. After the third wave, I just took off, heading north. No sense in staying around a dead rotting town anymore. I don't really know why I went north instead of south. It's just something that happened. I think it was attributed to my programming.

5. Do you have any deep-dark secrets?
I'm not really a human. Well I am but I'm an Alien that is controlling a human. So I'm both and I'm neither. The humans refer to what I am as an 'Ender' or more commonly a 'Silencer'.

6. Is there anything specific that makes you stand out from others?
I've been told that I'm very good looking and I've even been likened to a model before. Plus I've been athletic and very particular about my presentation for as long as I can remember. I'm also a fan of the slogan, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. " So I think that I tends to leave impressions, albeit not always the best ones. But hey, you'll remember me! Also after the the psychotic break, I became relatively silent when I would normally speak. Completely introverted when I was purely extroverted before. It was a very noticeable shift but all my friends and family were right there behind me. I just feel guilty that they had no clue what I really was. Would they have been there for me if they had?

7. What was your awakening like and did you come across any others that were awakened?
My awakening was a simple thing. I woke up one morning after a rather silly dream about an owl staring at me. I remember in the dreams feeling like something was changing, perhaps you could say it was even a bit of a panic feeling. As if something were wrong but I couldn't remember what it was. Anyways, after I woke up, things just weren't the same. It only took a week for the psychosis to set in after that.

I ran across one other that was the same as me during the four years that led up to the first wave. It was another girl, a year younger than myself, during a trip to Lexington with the senior class. I was 17 at the time and it seemed like as soon as we were close enough we both instantly knew. It was awkward but comforting at the same time. It placed an answer to the question that I would ask myself all the time. If I was alone. Were there more like me. Turns out there are. Apparently she didn't have a hard time accepting this truth however and was far more capable than myself. We tried to speak the alien language but just found ourselves exhausted and confused most of the time.

8. How did the waves affect you?
The first wave totally shattered my life. There weren't any direct effects but the fact I could do anything I had become so accustomed to doing, well that sucked. It /really/ sucks.

The second wave wasn't really that bad for us in Paintsville either. There were heavy tremors and some buildings and homes were damaged but that's basically it. I heard it was way worse for the rest of the world.

The third wave. This is the one that hit home for me. I knew what to expect but still couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening to my parents. Through all the psychological damage and the realization that I'm an Alien, one of the others, I still couldn't bare to see them die. In the end they did. Both of them from the plague.

9. How are you broken?
It seems that all of my arrays have been damaged in one way or another except my increased healing rate and the uncanny ability to interface with others. Even though I was no longer enhanced, I still had above average reaction skills. I think the reason I'm broken has to do with the immense stress I put myself under during the first two years of my awakening. Maybe those systems shutting down has something to do with why I started to get better.

10. Why have you turned against the 'programming'?
I'll admit it took some time after the programming was engaged for me to decide to go against it, but it basically boils down to me not wanting to embrace the part that could be alien and the desire to simply be a human. I wanted to help others rather than kill them. I think there is a part of me that says no matter how slim the chance, I need to get to heaven. I need to be with my family when I die.

11. What silencer abilities do you still have?
Increased Healing: Minor wounds heal within a couple of hours, major wounds in a few days to a week. With these particular nanites active the silencer, both genders, are effectively sterile and incapable of reproducing.
Interfacing: With this the silencer is able to share their thoughts with any one person they happen to be touching. They must be touching the person to do this, They aren't able to read beyond surface thoughts and they can't make the person do anything they don't want to do. This is no form of mind control. Under certain circumstances the silencer can merge consciousnesses with the other people to feel what they are feeling and vice versa.


Qera stands with a height of 6' and is of a very curvaceous build. She is by no means thin and dainty and it looks as though she has placed her health and body shape as a high priority. She appears to have very toned features that grace blemish-free caramel skin. Her jet black hair drapes down around her face, keeping with the movement of her head, and reaches down to just above her shoulders. There is a natural hue to that caramel complexion that accentuates her bright blue eyes. They rest just beneath finely sculpted eyebrows of jet black. A small dainty nose is led to by a moderately slender bridge and ends at leveled nostrils. Below sits a pair of well defined lips, her philtrum creating a nice 'v' in her upper lip. Her lower lip is a bit more full than the top but both are still very plush. Sturdy shoulders lead down to strong arms and her experienced hands. Her breasts aren't overly large yet the round globes are very prominent. Her hips compliment her hourglass figure perfectly and lead down to long slender yet powerful legs and elegant feet.


Well she hasn't killed anyone in awhile so that's a plus, and she seems to want to help out the local refugees eagerly enough. Perhaps the whole prospect of watching over the camp makes her feel like she is making up for sins of the past.

RP Hooks

*Deeply religious since her defection from the 'others'. It gives her something to cling to.
*Good intentions might go wrong if she stops thinking clearly.
*Good survivalist! She is able to live off the land fairly well.
*Very well versed in Krav Maga and Judo!
*Competitive Shooter
*Sneaky as hell
*Kentucky, anything about Lexington or Paintsville.
*Really loves music and misses it very much.
*Loves painting and poetry!
*Great at softball and soccer
*Likes to dance!
*Into History and Psychology


Dark Secret


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Quinton A. Wells
A friendly face that has Qera's respect.

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Another hunter from Camp Hope


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