Quinton A. Wells
Portrayed By Arthur Darvill
Gender Male
Place of Birth <>
Date of Birth Oct 16
Age 29
Aliases <>
Position <>
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Quinton Author Wells was born and had a fairly normal childhood. He excelled at anything to do with words and communication. Although he had the heart of an artist, and was eventually drawn, in his teenage years to poetry. He was accepted into New York University with a full ride for the written verse. He graduated with full honors, many decorations and has had several books published already. He stayed in NY to foster his career.
After the Arrival, Quinton was hopeful but that soon was dashed when the plane he was in crashed after the EMP bomb went off. He was half way home, stranded and hurt. The only surviver. It took him weeks of hitchhiking and trading what little he had to get home, only to find his parents dead and his sister in the last thralls of the bird carried plague. He had seen people sick, but in his mind it could have never gotten to his family. Soon after taking care of his sister, he caught the plague. His blood boiled and he doesn't remember much of what happened after that.
It's been like he's not ever truly woken up. He has moments of lucidity, but now everything is …squewd. He gathered what he could carry, some favorite sweaters, books, His father's gun, His mothers seeds from her garden, and as much paper and writing utensils he could find , and his guitar, which he only kind of learned how to play and started looking for any survivors.
The sickness left him…different. He's still as sharp, but now eccentric may be the best word. He hoards most anything that is useful. His cabin is a virtual shopping ground. The supplies may not be in the best shape, but they are all useful…for something.

In his more focused moments he still writes and offers to teach anyone any of the languages he knows, or the history he may be able to depart. His college days left him some other useful skills as well. Home brewing may be the only way to get any enjoyment out of this world, until the Aliens can be driven away. When he gets the supplies, he always whips up what he can.

Quinton was told his sister died, but there's always a tickling in the back of his brain, which could have just been a delusion of the fever, that she recovered like he did.

Quinton is a thin man, with an almost bird like appearance. It doesn't help he tends to move in twitchy, sharp motionsHis nose is a touch too long, and his pale green eyes focus too sharply on things.His hair is a perpetual mess, gong from dark blonde to light brown, depending on the light. There's usually a pair of reading glasses somewhere on his person, and his attire, when the weather permits is almost always a sweater with a t-shirt underneath. His jeans are worn, but funcional.

Everything is different now, after Devon. The Silencer has erased most of Quin's memories since the plane crash. Filling in the gaps with false ones that has earned the Silencer Quin's trust and support.

Now Quin is being told and show truths he can't deny. How will the poet deal with his own mind and reality not coinciding?


RP Hooks

*He was, and still is a poet. It's just harder for him to express himself now.
*Plague surviver
*Do you knit? Quin will be you BFF.
*He has a small ability in brewing….do you have interest or dislike in that?
*Quinton has a guitar and it seems to calm him when he's having a rough day….too bad he's not better at playing it for everyone else's nerves.
*Stuff. Quin has it. Do you need it?


*Plague Survivor
*Pack Rat
*Sweater Addiction


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moments drop from her eyes, There is nothing to be done.
relentless urge to hold, to make better is useless,
broken edges can not heal broken edges.

Relationship glue..how long before it gives?

I can't deny there's a connection. But what can that even mean with the world how it is?

Song: Stitches

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Lace cocoon, draped on bare shoulders
Gravity is an unwanted wingman
Revealing more than needed

I feel I've somehow done this to you.


<Insert poetry here>


Quinton's Logs

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(2016-08-30) Plan of Action
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