Rhys Alexander Fletcher
Portrayed By Robin Lord Taylor
Gender Male
Place of Birth Bushland, Texas
Date of Birth May 1st
Age 21
Aliases -
Position Technician
Status Alive
First Appeared -


Rhys Alexander and Lana Esmeralda were conceived accidentally by a young mother. She decided to carry the babies, but the closer she got to the end the more apprehension she felt. Eventually, fear took over and she ended up leaving them in some alley. Found by a ragged old woman, she took them back to her place and raised them.

Easy going babies, growing up they entertained and played off each other. The woman showed them love, but they were taught to obey with strict rules. As they grew up they were taught certain skills to survive. How to hide and to steal, and how to get into locked places, which was eventually used for the woman's personal gain. Lana saw the woman as a mother and was the sentimental type, but Rhys began to lie and act sneaky even from the woman, keeping what he found for himself alone. His favourite collections were comics and fantasy novels and games for portable devices.

Pulling away from his sister and the woman, Rhys found his own group of friends who taught him more. He picked up some skill in fighting, played with guns, got into smoking, and learned how to hack. Rhys became the part of the team that got the other guy into the building, monitored his process and disrupted security systems like cameras or alarms. Like playing a video game, Rhys had fun with playing with the systems, and was happy to stay behind and kick up his feet while others went in. They had an agreement and split whatever profit they made. He got in trouble by his bros when he tried to get a little extra out of the deal and was on very thin ice when they were on their last mission.

Rhys was hacking into the systems as usual, the mission was going well, when the first wave hit. All of his devices shut down, he was out, lost contact with the guy who went in. The team left behind fought, blamed Rhys, and he probably would have been killed if it hadn't been for the problems that the rest of their surroundings were having. Their teammate came out of the building with what they were after (no trouble since all the systems were down), but Rhys' main role in this group was useless. They also decided to use the opportunity with all the electronics down to raid buildings more easily, take advantage of disorder. It also, unfortunately, got one of their team members killed. There was a small amount of concern for his sister, but when he checked back at the rundown house they grew up in it was in pieces.

The second wave had more of a disastrous effect. Everyone in his group was divided, and Rhys isn't sure what happened to them. He isn't even sure how he survived. He just took everything one step at a time. All he had to do was look after himself, and as the sickness started to spread he kept away from everyone, kept everyone away by threatening them. By the time the fourth wave started, it was shoot first, ask questions later. Fear and distrust kept him moving, hoarding what he found and not wanting to share. It was lonely and Rhys found himself wishing for allies.


Rhys isn't a particularly tall person, standing at about five feet and six inches. He is a bit on the smaller side, his form almost looking weak, except that it gives him more agility. His narrow face is oval shaped with sharp features such as his chin and hooked nose. His mop of black hair, hardly combed and often tangled and spiky, causes his features to appear even paler. His blue-green eyes draw the attention to them, glittering in a downturned shape. Large ears also draw the attention from the rest of his features.

He wears a pair of dark jeans, a few tears in the denim and a black belt wound through the loops, fastened with a dull metal clasp. He wears a navy blue, sleeveless hoody with the ties dangling in front, along with a black leather jacket in colder weather. A silver chain is worn around the neck, a shield-shaped pendant dangling at his chest with an engraving of an eagle above a line of stars, with a large star at the point of the shield.


RP Hooks


  • Greedy
  • Lazy


Image Unavailable

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Rhys' Logs


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