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Ross Thorn
Portrayed By Player's Choice
Gender Male
Place of Birth Wichita, KS
Date of Birth June 19
Age 28
Aliases Rucker
Position Enforcer


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  • Before things were bad, Ross lived with his grandparents, who doted and loved on him very much. Some of his fondest memories are going out on a boat with his grandfather and fishing for hours.
  • Ross got into a lot of trouble growing up, eventually being placed into Child Services, which only made things worse.
  • Having been in and out of Juvie for many years, it was only a matter of time before he ended up in real prison. This time for loosing his temper during an attempted robbery and beating a man who later than week died.
  • Taking on the name Rucker, he learn many useful, but not polite skills while incarcerated. The man can create a weapon out of nearly anything, and now uses that skill to make makeshift tools and needed items.
  • Rucker has acquired many tattoos, making him look rather untrustworthy and intimidating.
  • Escaped from prison when the sickness started spreading. A kind guard noticed Rucker was the only one not infected and "accidentally" left the path clear. Rucker's never forgotten that kindness and is now trying to make what amends he can. But it's hard, with his temper, and people can be just dumb.
  • He has adjusted well, considering, being out of prison and helping a community seems to actually bring out the good in him. He still gets awful cranky if he doesn't get at least one caffeine fix a day, which is starting to get harder and harder to find. The tough man has been known to sip on brewed tea if need be.


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Caffeine addiction
RL MacGyver
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