Samuel James Morrison
Portrayed By Robbie Amell
Gender Male
Place of Birth Deadwood, SD
Date of Birth August 5, 1986
Age 28
Aliases Sam
Position None as of Yet


Born to Martha and Philip Morrison of Deadwood, SD, Samuel is the oldest of four children. Two younger sisters Martha and Meadow, twins and younger by four years, he also had one younger brother by seven years. He was your basic all American kid. Playing football at both Lead Deadwood Elementary and later at Lead-Deadwood High School, where he lettered. Both Jr. Varsity during his freshman year, and Varsity during the following three. Getting a ride to SDSU in Rapid City, he was college bound. No larger university at his level of skill in football, it was at least a security to a future somehow. Otherwise, he'd end up like his father, working in a factory, or like his mother, somehow squeaking by in the tourist industry of the Black Hills.

Things turn for him at this point, his high school sweetheart, Melissa, ends up pregnant. The two marry at age 18, shortly after the birth of the first child. Elena was born in 2004, and their second child, Paxton, was born in 2007. Struggle to stay married, they separate at this time, and he's left paying child support. Working at a local grocery, barely minimum wage, this leaves him struggling for money, occasionally missing a payment. Then, to make matters worse, his wife moves to Kansas City, moving before he can talk to a lawyer about keeping her in state and close to him.

By 2010, still struggling, he ends up moving down to Pine Ridge, Nebraska and joining the Job Corps to learn carpentry. managing to do well, while his parents cover child support for him, he makes it as far as Lincoln, Nebraska before finding a job. Doing well at first, his former wife learns of this and manages to press for more alimony and child support. This leaves him locked down there. Though its close enough to Kansas City, regular weekend visits are arranged via the legal beagles.

This changes during the 1st, and subsequent changes. Holding downin Lincoln, he joins with the city, suffering few loses at this time, the struggle to keep peace here. Same with the second wave, its not until the third wave and plague spreads out, that he, like others, remove themsevles from the large, yet dying population. Striking out at first with a small group towards Omaha, they're diverted by bandits and looterrs from I-80, split up, he decides in this time, if his ex-wife and kids where still alive, they may have gone north. At the Platte River he diverts to go north, off the road and following the river. This eventually leads him curiously to Camp Hope.


RP Hooks


  • Fidgety - Not excessively a mover, but always seems to need something in his hands, or they do become more fidgety.
  • Melancholy - Not quick to change, there is always a loss to that change, a giving up of something.
  • Signum Crucis - Sign of the Cross - whatever religion he is, he tends to make the sign of the cross, probably formerly Catholic
  • Talks Fast if Excited - Not that he mumbles or stutters, its just fast talking when he really gets onto something he's interested in.


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Sam's Logs

(2015-10-08) Cold Season
Cold Season Summary: Sam is doing some building when Nora and Lincoln stop in to the bar....

(2015-09-05) When it Rains
When it Rains Summary: Sam chances upon Mira while breaking from fence mending, they watch a...

(2015-06-17) Night Time Visitor
Night Time Visitor Summary: Sam happens across Camp Hope and its most silent guardian Date:...


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