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Portrayed By Cyndi Wang
Gender <>
Birthplace Hong Kong, China
Date of Birth** <>
Age 16
Aliases Mao Shihong, Pinko
Position Rogue Teen Soldier
Status Bothering Camp Hope
First Appeared <>


Born in Hong Kong, daughter of the head of police and the school principal. Her first taste of America was the last time she'd see her own country.

Going from the ritz and glamour of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, life has been a complete turn around for her. The 1st wave left her stranded.

The 2nd wave saw her lose her father after a large dam broke.

The 3rd wave saw her sick and dying, before being rescued by the military and trained to be part of the 5th wave.

The 5th wave has seen her shot twice, a truck stolen. Then fighting against Camp Hope. Then a rogue Kamo Kid when she and her squad realised the conspiracy that had lead them astray. The behaviours shown by Camp Hope caused her and her squad to go in search of them.

The squad of 5 is now down to one, and now the sole survivor of the squad hangs close to Camp Hope, popping up randomly and either asking for food or helping where she can. Even casually chatting and providing information to try to prove that she isn't a threat.


A sixteen year old Chinese looking girl, that sometimes uses her stained uniform, or a pair of heavily stained jeans and a borrowed jacket. Usually carries a shotgun, bayonet and a crowbar.


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RP Hooks

Stranded Foreigner
Spiteful -Seriously, she's like the worst nurse ever
Unpredictable - She might seem normal at.
Former 'Kamo Kid' - She was once 'rescued' by the Others and trained to be one of their little killing machines.



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The first person from Camp Hope that didn't shot at me.

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Second person from Camp Hope I met. Didn't shoot at me either.

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