Sarah Beiler
Portrayed By Mackenzie Mauzy
Gender Female
Place of Birth Pennsylvania
Date of Birth 10/3/1998
Age 17
Aliases <>
Position <>


Sarah Beiler was the fifth of six children born to Samuel and Rebecca Beiler in Langston, Pennsylvania. Growing up Amish, Sarah and her family lived a sheltered life away from the modern world. Rather than being distracted by the lure of television or the internet, she grew up with a strict daily regiment which meant waking up at 5am to ensure that the water was heated and that breakfast was ready for the family as well as having lunch packed for her father and elder brothers, when they came of age to work on the farm instead of attending school. Sarah, herself, only attended their small Amish classroom up until the 8th grade. For the Amish, that was all of the education that they needed, the rest of the time, she was being prepared in the skills and duties of running a household of her own one day.

From an early age, Sarah, alongside her mother and sisters, took care of the house. They created clothes for the whole family to wear, as well as all of their linens. Sometimes, they would sell their handiwork at the marketplace for their neighbors or visitors to purchase. The cooking and cleaning was all a woman's job and Sarah and her sisters were often times tasked with the painstaking chore of laundry duty, having to wash everything by hand and wringer before hanging the load all up to dry. At other times, she would be tasked with preparing the meals for the family between chores. She also spent time in the garden, growing fruits and vegetables used for their meals as well as helping her father and brothers during the harvest period on the farm. She would then assist in the canning process to preserve the excess food, sometimes even selling these at the market as well. Tending to the livestock was everyone's duty in the mornings before school and in the evenings, the family would spend time reading the bible and in prayer before bed.

On her spare time, Sarah enjoyed long walks through the forests and meadows, bringing her closer to nature. Reading was another of her hobbies, especially with the influx of Amish romance stories written by the Amish that began to crop up. Like any girl, shopping was also something she looked forward to as well, whether it be at the market or an auction house, Sarah was always looking for something pretty at a good price.

While she found comfort in the Amish lifestyle, things like shopping was often times far more exciting in the English world. When Sarah turned 17, she and a few of her friends set out to Las Vegas for Rumspringa, a time in the Amish adolescent's life where they are allowed to experience the English world and the vices which came with it. This was primarily to get such things out of their system and to open up the young Amish's eyes and let them see that the outside world for what it was. Most Amish young tend to return to the comfort and love of their families once they believe that they are ready for their baptism and adulthood. This was the point in which Sarah found herself. She had her fill of the English lifestyle and gave her friends a couple of weeks more before she returned to Pennsylvania.

This return home never happened. The first wave hit and everything turned into chaos. With transportation mostly halted, it made the trip back to the safety of her home more difficult and yet she was even more desperate to get there. Figuring it was safer in numbers, Sarah and her Amish friends joined up with several others, making their way out of Las Vegas in search of answers or some mode of transportation that would bring them all to wherever they wanted to go. Among the group was a German man and while he spoke English, she found herself conversing with him with her own Pennsylvania Dutch more often than not as it was similar language, despite some weirdness in dialect.

The second wave then struck. The horrors suffered along the coasts felt so far away, but the earthquakes which began to tear the nation apart was clearly felt. In the chaos, she had lost two of her Amish and one of her English friends. She then lost the rest of the Amish group which she went to Las Vegas with in the next wave. The plague had decimated the world around them, making their own numbers dwindle. Sarah wasn't sure if she was being punished for the wickedness she felt she displayed during Rumspringa or whether this was a much larger test for all of humanity. She wasn't sure why she survived, but not her friends. What she did know was that if she were to survive, she would need to believe and thus she keeps her bible close at hand to give her this much needed inspiration.



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