Takara Delgado
Portrayed By Daniella Alonso
Gender Female
Place of Birth California
Date of Birth July 24th
Age 32
Aliases Taka
Position Fighter
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Takara grew up in California. The youngest of 5 siblings and the only girl she learned how to hold her own from a young age and, for the first part of her life, things went along pretty normal. However, when she was fifteen that would change with the death of her father. With 5 kids and only one income, Takara's mother moved the family into a home with her own mother, Takara's grandmother.

This move, along with all the other sudden changes in her life, led to Takara withdrawing from her schoolwork and also led to her turning more to other outlets. Two of her older brothers fell in with a local gang. By seventeen, Takara had ended up spending more time with them and eventually joined the gang as well. She remained a part of this gang up until the first wave hit.

She was traveling in a car with one of her brothers and others when the EMP blast went off, resulting in a violent crash that left her trapped in the overturned vehicle and the other occupants dead. After finally getting out of the wreckage, she made her way back to her house only to find her mother dead as a result of the EMP blast shorting out her pace maker.

Not knowing what else to do, she headed back to where she knew the gang might be. Most of them had fled after the wave. Hoever, some had remained, her other brother being one of them. Reunited again, they banded together and did their best to survive. However, with the second wave more died and the remainders set out to try and travel to safer areas.

During this journey is when the third wave hit, infecting all but her and her brother. Watching the rest of their group die, they tried their best to press on and find somewhere safe. There had to be somewhere safe. However, fate again proved against them, for as they drew close to Texas they were ambushed by a group of psychotic camo wearing kids. Her brother was killed and Takara barely escaped with her life. Now on her own, Takara continues to give a giant middle finger to this new apocalyptic world and is determined to get her revenge on these alien freaks.


A slender woman of average height with long brown hair. Ethnic features and tanned complexion. Typically wearing a leather jacket and carrying a blade on her hip.


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Hot Head


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(2016-04-05) Downtime
Downtime Summary: A gathering a the bar has Sophia meeting the newest arrival, Takara Date:...

(2016-03-29) Hunter or Hunted
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