Teigue Keegan Mannix
Portrayed By Ewan McGregor
Gender Male
Place of Birth Kilkenny, Ireland
Date of Birth March 6, 1996
Age 20 years old
Aliases Tei
Position Refugee
Status Active
First Appeared Luck of the Irish


Teigue is a young man who appears to be in his early twenties. He stands six feet, four inches tall and has a lean and muscular build. Short dirty brown hair sits atop his head covered in dirt and grime that matches the same on his angular face and a pair of light blue eyes that look almost grey stares out with a hint of sadness in them. Above his eyes are two thin and narrow eyebrows. He has a short, narrow nose and thin set of lips which either can look very mean or extremely generous, but always has a slight smirk about them. His strong chin is covered by a five o'clock shadow. He speaks with a thick Irish accent.

He is dressed in plain blue shirt under a dirty and worn jacket and a pair of worn blue jeans that are held up by a black leather belt with a silver belt buckle. His feet are covered by a pair of black, steel-toed combat boots. He has a .45 pistol strapped to his hip and usually carries a scoped hunting rifle over one shoulder.


My name is Teigue Keegan Mannix and I was born on March 6, 1996 in the town of Kilkenny, Ireland. I was the oldest of six children, two brothers, Darach and Finnian, and three sisters, Kelly, Cleena, and Norah. My father, Braden, was a simple man who worked as an electrical engineer while my mother, Aislinn, stayed home with the children. Growing up, my family were close and often spent a lot of time together. While my brothers were always athletic, I was more of a thinker. I was often fascinated by the things my father did and created, spending countless hours with him as he worked, helping the best that I could. It was from him that I learned the most about electronics.

When I entered junior high, I discovered computers and that’s when I really took off. I learned all that I could when it came to that, learning how to code and create my own programs. From there, I learned how to exploit the weaknesses of computers and hack into other systems. As I grew older, I got better and better with computers as well as electronics, deciding that I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. Though I thought I had jeopardized everything when I was arrested for hacking into a company’s computer, just poking around. Since I was still a minor, I got off easy and only had to spend a few months in jail before being released on probation. It was then that I decided to change my path.

Once I was old enough, I got a job with a security company, using my hacking skills to help strengthen the security of other companies by testing their systems and telling them where they needed to fix their systems. I also got to travel the world and see new places. That would also come back to haunt me. It was on one of these business trips to the States that would cut me off from my home for good. I was on a trip to San Francisco, California when the EMP hit a month after the Arrival of the ship that took up orbit around the planet. The lights went out and never came back on. I was stuck in the city and, after seeing too many disaster movies, I decided to get out of the city. I decided to move east, hoping to catch a boat back home.

With everything that runs on electricity no longer working, the trip was a lot harder and took longer than expected. By the time the hammer dropped at the end of February, bringing about the end of the first wave and the beginning of the second. The alien’s ship dropped giant rods on top of fault lines all over the world, causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis that devastated the coastlines all over the world. Millions of people were killed as every coastal city on the planet was wiped out. I heard the waves came as far inland as Las Vegas, wiping it off the map. If the waves were that big, I fear that all of Ireland is gone. My family included.

I gave up on trying to get home and focused on surviving. I managed to survive the second wave in Colorado, taking shelter in a survivor’s camp in the mountains. I stayed there until the third wave began and people started to get sick. I didn’t want to be around them and left the camp, trying to avoid people and the plague. No matter how far I went, the sickness was everywhere. Some were lucky enough to not get sick, perhaps being immune or just lucky. I wasn’t one of those people. I was a month into the Red Tsunami when I started showing signs of the first symptoms. I was tried to survive on my own, but the plague took hold. I don’t remember much from this time, but from what I’ve been told, it got bad and I was pretty close to death a couple of times, but I guess the plague decided I didn’t make a good meal and began to subside. I awoke in another camp somewhere near southern Oklahoma. I don’t know how I got there, but once I was well enough, I got to explore the camp.

It was the same as any other camp, I suppose. People banding together to survive. Doing what they can in order to hold onto the small amount of humanity that can exist in a world like this. After I regained my strength, I got to know the people who called the camp home. I eventually started to use the skills I had to help around the camp. I helped bring power to the camp and eased the struggles for the population. Used my engineering backgrounds to design and create new tools and equipment for the camp and thought that I could make a life here. Trying to do some good in the world gone to shit.

A few weeks after I awoke, I went out with some people to Oklahoma City, a few days’ travel away from camp scrounging for supplies that I could use to make some equipment or things I could try to fix. When we got back, the entire camp was wiped out. I don’t mean there were dead bodies all around camp. I mean there was nothing left of camp but a crater. Everything around the crater for nearly a mile was gone. No bodies and no sign of the children.

We left the camp site and moved out on our own. We moved south into Texas and soon we heard rumors about aliens who look like us killing humans. We stuck together as long as we could, but some of the others were killed by thugs, others caught and succumbed to the plague while others just simply disappeared. I was eventually back to being on my own. I reached a couple miles outside of a city called Stratford where I heard about survivors coming together to create a community. That’s where I decided to go. I realize that I can’t survive on my own.


Someone fill this out for me.

RP Hooks

Hook Description
Foreigner (Irish)


Quirk Description
Addiction: Nicotine Teigue has smoked for several years and as time passes on, it's getting harder and harder to find any cigarettes.
Ambidextrous Teigue is able to use either of his hands as a dominate hand.
Double Jointed Teigue is able to stretch his joints, ligaments, and tendons to a degree that is considerably greater than people with average flexibility.
Plague Survivor Teigue has caught and has overcome the grips of the Red Tsunami.




Heckler Koch HK 45 Pistol 300 Win Mag Hunting Rifle Teigue's Pack
Heckler Koch HK 45 Pistol 300 Win Mag Hunting Rifle Teigue's Pack


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