Terrance David Lee Collins
Portrayed By Jensen Ackles
Gender Male
Place of Birth Greenfield, MA
Date of Birth May 16, 1978
Age 38 years
Alias "Doctor Death"
Position Guard
Status Alive
First Appeared Herbs and Hotties
Current Location Stratford, Texas


First Sergeant Terrance David Lee Collins — 2nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, out of Camp Lejeune — or "Terry," for short, is your typical Caucasian middle-aged Massachusetts native, born in May of 1978. Born in Greenfield to a hippie/peacenik mother and a tough-as-nails father, Terry got a taste of both ease and hardship, which proved beneficial in shaping him into a well-rounded individual. From his mother, he grew to respect the awesome power of nature, and its crucial part in survival. From his alcoholic hard-ass father, a former Force Recon Marine, he learned that not everybody is a peacenik huggy-bear; some folks have issues, and would sooner shoot you and hug your corpse. After his younger brother came into the world in the summer of 1982, he played an active role in the youngster's development, mixing playful brotherly antagonism with real love, trying to be the kind, gentle father he himself never had.

During school, Terry's teachers routinely noted his borderline-obsessive-compulsive attention to detail: he never missed an assignment, always made sure the job was done right the first time. He also gave only constructive criticism, but his tone of voice sometimes made it difficult to understand as constructive. After graduating from high school in 1996, with an interest in physics and chemistry, Terry left home and moved to the Carolinas, hoping to enlist in the the United States Marine Corps. After graduating from Basic Training, he served two four-year tours, seeing action in 1997 (Albania, Congo and Gabon, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia), 1998 (Iraq, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya and Tanzania, Afghanistan and Sudan), and 1999 (Serbia). Terry's career ended with an MOS of 0317/8541 (Scout Sniper), and the rank of First Sergeant (E-8), having opted for the more "in the trenches, hands-on" path. During his career, he earned a Silver Star Medal for covering his platoon during a hairy firefight, while briefly exposing himself to hostiles to draw their fire.

While deployed, Terry worked toward an Associate of Arts degree, specializing in Criminal Justice, feeling a calling toward the life of a lawman. Once the first degree was secure, he began working toward a Bachelor's degree, which he completed by the end of his service contract. He turned down the offer of a commission (and OCS) to move back to Massachusetts, where he joined Boston P.D. Combined with his service history, and his skill, he was quickly tapped for SWAT/Special Ops, with a promotion to Sergeant, after just eighteen months on the job. One day, he received a call no one ever wants to receive: his brother was missing, and both parents were dead. After requesting a temporary leave of absence, he jumped into his car (a '67 Chevy Impala he'd won at a card-game in Iraq) and made the two-hour trek home, stumbling upon an unsettling sight: the house appeared largely unmolested. No blood, no nothing. Food still on the table, sure, but other than that not a hair out of place. He found a cellphone number for his younger brother with a Fremont, Nebraska area code, and began making plans to head that way. During the 21 hour drive to Fremont, Terry listened to the radio as though it was his new drill sergeant, hanging on every word.

As he approached the Fremont city limits, his radio suddenly quit, and he barely managed to avoid crashing into a storefront due to the lack of light, and sheer exhaustion. He managed to push his now-dead car into a nearby alley, and covered it with a tarp, figuring he could come back for it later. He checked in with the local police, flashed his badge, and began assisting with efforts to keep the peace. News of the tsunamis, and the countless deaths that followed, strengthened his resolve to keep the peace and maintain order. Mid-March's looting, and violence, the whole nine yards just seemed like business as usual to him. Some of it he even joined in, acquiring a Colt Paterson from a gun-store during a moment of mob mentality. Eventually, he stumbled upon a group in the process of fortifying the local hospital and food plant. He slipped in and helped out, playing like he belonged there, figuring no one would notice an extra set of hands. Once the hospital and plant were secure, he made to leave, not ready to link up with complete strangers just yet; though, the words "Camp Hope" did have a nice ring to them, and that "Sonny" guy did seem like a decent enough person. Maybe he'll meet up with them somewhere down the road.


Some might call Terry "a bit rough around the edges, but a good person to have in one's corner when the time comes." His time with the Corps has given him a look into numerous walks of life, and just as many kinds of people, enabling him to be a decent judge of character. Of course, he's only human, so he's not absolutely perfect one-hundred percent of the time.

The Corps turned him into a hard-working, committed individual, ready and willing to put 110% of his effort toward his goals. Some might see him as "out of left-field," but that's the way he's been trained: never be predictable, if it can be helped. That doesn't mean he'll turn a two-step problem into a ten-step problem, though. If you want something done (and done right, the first time), you want Terry Collins.

RP Hooks and Quirks

Support and Defend As a Scout Sniper (MOS 0317) attached to the 2nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Marines Division, I saw plenty of action. Since returning to the States, I've noticed that there's not a whole lot of demand for someone with my set of skills, but the current circumstances may shift the winds in my favor.
Protect and Serve I have several years of time in service under my belt, both as a member of the US military, and as a member of the Boston police. Although my time in service was short (due to the invasion), in that time I was able to work up to Sergeant, and a spot on S.W.A.T., where my long-distance shooting skills were more useful.
Have a Light? Although I don't spend every waking moment puffing away on a cigar, I frequently have a pack of smokes on me "in case of emergency." I've never tried the "hippie lettuce," as Mom called it, but… I'm ever-so-slightly curious. Maybe.
Tarzan Thanks to my time in the Corps, I know how to survive in almost every climate and situation. Anyone needing lessons on how to hunt, fish, scavenge, or pretty much anything related to wilderness survival, would be more than welcome to approach me. I don't bite… much.
Combat Sure, I'll show you how to put some lead down-range, or deal with an unruly drunk. Whether you're lacking in hand-to-hand combat, or firearms training, I'm your guy.
Animal Lover Fritz.. Cute little bugger. Found him a while back, and he's been at my side ever since. You mess with my dog, you mess with me, and you don't want to mess with me.
Multilingual I speak German and Spanish, in addition to my native English. Before going overseas to Afghanistan, I studied Pashto and Dari, but since returning stateside I've found found little use for such things.


Image Unavailable

Finn Collins
My little (younger, at least) brother. Still the same pest as always; holds a special spot in my heart, right next to Guns, God, Country, and Corps. I thought he'd been lost in the attacks, and had initially believed him to be dead, but thankfully I was wrong. He's still the same free-spirited anti-establishment anarchist with whom I grew up, and now one hell of a doctor. Hot damn.

Service History

Personnel File - COLLINS, TERRY D.
02-Feb-07 - PROMOTED: Rank of FIRST SERGEANT (E-8).
01-Jan-03 - PROMOTED: Rank of GUNNERY SERGEANT (E-7).
23-Dec-01 - PROMOTED: Rank of STAFF SERGEANT (E-6).
31-Nov-99 - AWARDED: Silver Star Medal.
20-Nov-99 - PROMOTED: Rank of SERGEANT (E-5).
19-Dec-98 - PROMOTED: Rank of CORPORAL (E-4).
05-Aug-98 - ASSIGNED: Marine Security Guard, Marine Security Guard Battalion.
07-Dec-97 - ASSIGNED: Fireteam Leader, Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion 6th Marines ("Teufel Hunden").
18-Nov-97 - PROMOTED: Rank of LANCE CORPORAL (E-3).
18-Apr-97 - ASSIGNED: Grenadier, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 8th Marines ("Beirut Battalion").
20-Mar-97 - PROMOTED: Rank of PRIVATE FIRST CLASS (E-2).
20-Oct-96 - ASSIGNED: Rifleman, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 8th Marines ("Beirut Battalion").
17-Oct-96 - GRADUATED: MCRD Parris Island. PROMOTED: Rank of PRIVATE (E-1).


Walther PK380 Semiautomatic Pistol Walther PK380 Semiautomatic Pistol
Caliber: .380 ACP
Finish: Cerakote Black.
Barrel Length: 3.66"
Trigger Pull: 11 lbs (DA), 4 lbs (SA)
Trigger Travel: 0.4
Capacity: 8 rounds.
Overall Length: 6.5"
Height: 5.2"
Width: 1.2"
Safety: Manual + 1 Auto.
Weight (without mag): 18 oz.
Barrett M82A1 Barrett M82A1
Weight: 29.7 lb (20-inch barrel), 30.9 lb (29-inch barrel)
Length: 48 inches (20-inch barrel), 57 inches (29-inch barrel)
Barrel length: 20 inches (CQ barrel), 29 inches (Standard)
Cartridge: 50 BMG, .416 Barrett.
Action: Recoil-operated, rotating bolt.
Muzzle velocity: 2,799 ft/s.
Effective firing range: 1,969 yd.
Feed system: 10-round detachable box magazine.
Sights: Fixed front, adjustable rear sight; MIL-STD-1913 rail provided for optics.


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