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Thomas William Schrader
Portrayed By** Nat Wolff
Gender Male
Place of Birth North Platte, NE
Date of Birth January 14
Age 19
Aliases <>
Position Technician


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  • "I told Everyone this was going to happen, but did anyone listen to me? /NO/."
  • Thomas was not an average kid, with an average home. At an early age he showed signs of a very high IQ. His parents fostered that, perhaps to the point of neglecting other aspects of his life that needed work.
  • By age 15 he was enrolled in college classes, mostly interested in computers and math. the only semi normal thing he took to was movies and Science Fiction
  • Conspiracy Theories fascinated him, so as soon as The Arrival happened, he knew it was bad. And for once, he was very, very right. he told people, but no one seemed to listen, not that they could have done anything.
  • Thomas, while spouting off snarky comments, underneath all that, he believes that the human race can still win. He believes he is going to be instrumental in saving not only Camp Hope, but the human race…as soon as they can get a computer up and running again. One step at a time, right?


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Conspiracy Theorist
Sci-Fi Expert


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