Torvi Salander
Portrayed By Maude Hirst
Gender Female
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth November 9th, 1987
Age 28 years
Aliases <>
Position <>
Status Alive
First Appeared <>


Torvi's life was wonderfully uncomplicated before the Arrival. Born and raised in the Stockholm island suburb of Sodermalm, Torvi and her family lived in a modest little cottage by the sea. A quiet but smart girl, Torvi made and kept friends easily. She was a model student and, after completing high school and undergraduate studies, went on to study medicine at the Karolinska Instituet in Stockholm, specializing in psychiatry/neuropharmacology. She earned her M.D. and completed her residency in late 2013.

In mid-January 2015, Torvi flew to the United States to attend a week-long professional conference in Oklahoma City. Thanks to the 1st Wave, she never made it back home.

Since last year, Torvi has been wandering alone through Oklahoma and Texas, surviving and trying to find some sort of way back home to Sweden. Seeing as there are no longer working airplanes, however, it's probable that she'll never see home again. It may be that Torvi is finally accepting this, and perhaps will be looking for a settlement to join, at least for now.


Torvi is small and slender, with a mess of thick white-blonde hair. Braids are scattered haphazardly throughout. Despite the usual dirt dusted on her cheeks these days, some might consider her pretty in a nontraditional way. Her skin tends towards pale, though she gains a dusting of freckles after any time in the sun. She has large, curious eyes the color of moss on a forest floor. Below, her lips appear soft yet slightly pouted.

She often wears a rose-colored tee and dark form-fitting jeans tucked into a pair of worn leather boots. A heavy brown Carhartt jacket, about a size too big, is thrown over the ensemble anytime the temperature dips below 60 degrees.


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Torvi's Logs


(2016-05-23) Hitting the Showers
Hitting the Showers Summary: Terry shows Torvi to the showers. Nothing untoward...

(2016-04-27) Weapons Cache
Weapons Cache Summary: A bit of a road trip to find one of Sonny's weapon caches Date:...


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