"There is no strength to be gained from hurting one another. Only weakness."
— Ursula K. Le Guin

Tyler Alexander Stone
Tyler Stone
Portrayed By Matt Schulze
Gender Male
Place of Birth Kirkland, WA
Date of Birth June 25th, 1992
Age 23 years old
Aliases Ty
Position Hunter

RP Hooks

  • Criminal: Tyler had a run in with the law. Maybe you saw the news coverage.
  • Military: Tyler was in the Army and has a military background.
  • Missing Family: Tyler doesn't know the status of his family back in Washington.
  • Poker: Tyler loves to play Poker and is pretty good at it.


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Tyler is a new face at Camp Hope, having been out on his own since the arrival. He has been on a mission to return to his hometown of Kirkland, Washington. Though, after receiving the news of the destruction that had been brought to the west coast, his hopes for his family's safety has become all but crushed. He's still deciding on his next set of moves and, hopefully, his family arrives at the camp in the meantime.


Tyler is a young man who appears to be in his early- to mid-twenties. He stands six feet tall and has a toned and muscular build. Short brown hair rests atop his head and a pair of brown eyes stares out with a hint of fear in them. Above his eyes are two thin and narrow eyebrows. He has a short, narrow nose and thin set of lips. He wears a thick beard upon his strong line and square chin. His right arm has a dragon tattoo on the shoulder which extends down to his mid-bicep.

He is dressed in a plain light blue t-shirt that fits snugly against his form under a loose fitting black hoodie with an image of the Punisher skull on the front and a pair of worn blue jeans that are held up with a black leather belt with a silver belt buckle. His feet are covered with a pair of black sneakers with bright red shoelaces that disappear under the cuffs of his pant legs.


Tyler Alexander Stone was born on June 25th, 1992 in Kirkland, Washington to Rae Anne and David Stone. He was the oldest of three children. Despite living in a city, their family was more of the outdoors type. His father worked as a park ranger for the state's park services and their mother was a nurse at the local elementary school. When he wasn't at school, Tyler was out with his father in the woods, learning to survive out in the wilderness and how to track and trap the animals the lives in them as well as how to fish. Over the years, the woods became a second home to him and Tyler felt more at home in the woods than in the city itself.

High school came with the usual highs and lows that it typically does for the average teenager. He had his core group of friends and did fairly well in his classes. He participated in sports and had a couple of girlfriends throughout the years. There were many happy memories that were created throughout the four years. Though, along with the good memories, there were the bad. During his junior year, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a year and a half later.

After high school and with the loss of their mother, Tyler and his younger sister, Janice, had to step up and help raise their younger brother, Chris, and help with the house while their father continued to work. With the closeness of the family, it didn't cause too much strain on them with the change in family dynamic. A year after their mother's death, Tyler enlisted in the Army just days after his 18th birthday and with the reluctance of his father.

In the military, Tyler excelled. The structure and camaraderie was something that he quickly embraced and found himself raising in the ranks. He had a bright future in the service and could have made a career in the Army if he had not made a single mistake. While he was on leave, he was at a bar with some friends, drinking and having fun. Some drunken locals started causing trouble with them, trying to start a fight. Things quickly got out of hand and a fight quickly ensued. During the fight, one of the guys pulled a knife and went after Tyler. When all was said and done, the man lay dead with his own knife in his neck and Tyler was under arrest for murder. Tyler's world was ending just as his career was beginning. Not even a year later, the world would be focused on our newly arrived visitors.

Tyler was in the back of a transport bus on his way to prison for the next thirty years of his life when the first wave hit. The EMP knocked out the bus along with everything else. Countless car crashes occurred, planes fell from the skies and chaos in some cities ensued. Being outside of the major cities of Missouri, Tyler didn't deal with too much of the chaos besides being stuck with the guards and other two other inmates as they tried to make it on foot to their destination, but they did see a lot of the problems that arose when the power went out.

The second wave was when all hell broke loose. The guards left to go find their families as the rods fell and whole areas were wiped out. Given the fall of civilization, Tyler was given a pardon and left on his own to survive. Tyler's immediate goal was to get back to his family and make sure they were okay. He began to head west, trying to get back to Kirkland. He didn't make it far, when the third wave began. The Red Tsunami hit the world and killed off more of the human race. Tyler was able to find shelter in the basement of an abandoned house, securing the doors and windows of the house with plastic sheets and tarps he managed to find. He managed to survive the plague for a few days, until one night when someone broke into the house and let the plague enter the house. Tyler initially felt a fever and sweats, but that was the extent of it. It soon subsided and he felt fine afterwards. He waited a few more days before starting out again.

His journey came to a halt when he learned that the coastal states were basically gone and the chances of him finding his family alive were next to impossible. He wasn't sure what to do, so he decided to just keep going and entered Nebraska. As he traveled, he heard about a place called Camp Hope. He decided to head towards there, hoping that his family may be alive and heading there too.

Two months ago, stories had begun to spread about hunting parties going after humans. No one was sure if these rumors were true or not, but everyone seemed to believe that it was true. Tyler wasn't sure if he should believe it or not, but he started to act as if they were true. It's better to be prepared than be caught off guard. This made traveling slower than usual and he only recently arrived at Camp Hope.



David Stone David Stone (Presumed Dead)
My father and my mentor. He's raised us by himself after mom died. I don't know if I would be the man I am without him and I hope I didn't disappoint him by my actions. I just wish I knew if he's okay or if he's even alive. Hopefully, he made it out of Washington in time.
Rae Anne Stone Rae Anne Stone (Deceased)
My mother was a kind and caring woman. She did everything that she could for us and she died way too soon. I'm just happy that she didn't have to live through the waves that wracked this planet. I love you mom and I miss you every day.
Janice Stone Janice Stone (Presumed Dead)
My sister Janice had to step up and fill mom's shoes after her passing. She became a stronger woman for it and I couldn't be prouder of her. I know you're stronger than the challenges that faced you in this new world. I hope you were strong enough to survive like I know you can be.
Christopher Stone Christopher Stone (Presumed Dead)
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Tyler's Logs

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