Virgil Camry
Portrayed By Matt Barr
Gender Male
Place of Birth San Antonio, Texas
Date of Birth 25 November 1984
Age 30
Aliases N/A
Position Carpenter
Status <>
First Appeared <>


Came from Texas and was on his way to prison when the first wave hit, until recently ran with the bandits.



Ran with the bandits and is a carpenter. Very skillful with anything that comes to dealing with wood and building. Knows how to handle himself and also says whatever he wants. And has a fear of heights.

RP Hooks

  • Builder — Need something built, or want something pretty. He can most likely help to build something or make some small chair or similar. Or even just a decorative thing, or maybe wooden puzzles.
  • Former bandit — Like them or hate them, it can make for an interesting meeting. Especially with his outspoken nature.
  • Smuggler — Need to hide or wanting to find ways to transport things without it being noticed, he could help out.


  • Acrophobic — Scared of heights.
  • Hugger — He likes hugging when greeting people. Perhpas not people he does not know. To throw them off. Though it all depends on his mood.
  • Outspoken — He will say what's on his mind and often has a hard time holding back.
  • Riddle lover — While he might not be the best riddle maker, he does enjoy a riddle.


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Virgil's Logs


(2016-06-25) Blond on the Roof
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(2016-04-19) Ducks, Bucks, and Not a Lot of Luck
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(2016-04-08) Running For It
Running For It Summary: Rainy day, scavenging, getting soaked Date: 4.8.2016 Related:...

(2016-04-09) Robbing the Mail
Robbing the Mail Summary: Mon, Virgil, and Terry break into the post office and loot the place....

(2016-03-29) Hunter or Hunted
Hunter or Hunted Summary: The hunting group is being followed, but they also find another...

(2016-03-24) Suggestions in Mindfulness
Suggestions in Mindfulness Summary: Amy has a reading assignment for Quinton and Piper and she...

(2016-03-22) Cleaning Up
Cleaning Up Summary: After yesterday's tornado, the clubhouse needs some tidying up. Date:...

(2016-03-18) A Gaggle of Women
A Gaggle of Women Summary: No girl talk here. Date: 3.18.2016 Related: None Players: ...

(2016-03-08) Breakfast Gathering
Breakfast Gathering Summary: Lots of talk at breakfast Date: 3.8.2016 Related: Related Logs...

(2015-09-22) Celebration - Bar Scene
Celebration - Bar Scene Summary: A night of drinking and relaxation Date: 2015-9-22 Related:...

(2015-09-20) The Birth of the New Bar
The Birth of the New Bar Summary: Virgil is helping Sophia set up the new bar Date: 09.20.2015...

(2015-09-15) Loaf Of Bread, Pound Of Butter, Gallon Of Milk
Loaf Of Bread, Pound Of Butter, Gallon Of Milk Summary: The priest, the bandit and the pregnant...

(2015-09-11) TP & Cooking Pot
TP Cooking Pot Summary: Accidental distraction makes Quinton get hit over the head Date:...

(2015-09-09) Designing Tables
Designing Tables Summary: Virgil and Sophia talk about tables and other things to make. Date:...

(2015-09-08) Lion Hunt
Lion Hunt Summary: A hunting group goes out to hunt the lions taking the livestock Date:...


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