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Portrayed By Wang Luodan
Gender Female (fronts as male)
Place of Birth China, Guangdong, Foshan
Date of Birth 1992/03/11
Age 23
Aliases Wu Yi, Willy Wu, "Hey, you! Get out of my garden!"
Position Self-employed


Even "model immigrants" can be trouble. Wu Yi's parents were such. Her mother an accomplished musician and her father a successful businessman, her life should have been a life of ease and luxury in the homeland that adopted her at the age of seven. Unfortunately no amount of hard work or accomplishment can combat fate, and fate decreed, that night, at the tender age of nine—nine glorious years that shaped her interests (she planned to follow in her mother's footsteps)—that her parents would be taken away from her. The shooter who sprayed the crowd at the opera house that night was certain he had good reason to wound 31 and kill 12, Wu Yi's parents among them. He was wrong, of course, but he believed he was in the right.

Enter child services. Enter foster care. Enter foster parents who thought a young girl was perfect for cleaning house. For taking care of other "funding units" (fellow foster children). For cooking. For tending ground. Year after grinding year, foster home after foster home, the cycle repeated: neglect (or abuse), running away, recapture, reassignment to a new foster home. The only beneficial side effect of this process was the picking up of a large smattering of life skills; life skills that Wu Yi neither wanted nor ever wanted to do again.

Then it happened. On her sixteenth birthday. Her foster father, a sick alcoholic, but a "pillar of the community", and thus above suspicion, tied her up and started to abuse her. But the knot wasn't quite enough and Wu Yi was able to reach a table lamp, smashing it into the side of Mr. Greene's head. Desperately, frantically, she struggled to free herself from under his bloated torso. Stopping only to pick up the one thing she had left from her mother (a simple, but elegant, clay xun, her mother's musical instrument of choice) and some money the Greene's thought they'd hidden well, Wu Yi fled the house into the streets, not knowing if she'd left behind an angry man with a concussion or a corpse.

Here comes the usual course of the street child, only Wu Yi, now fronting as male and going by the name "Willy", was smarter than average and more attentive than average. Escaping the usual cycle of drugs, prostitution, and a young death, she instead flirted with gang affiliation (without ever actually being a part of one) and learned to not only survive but to actively thrive in the streets. And every so often, when she felt the need to withdraw from humanity, she'd go somewhere quiet, far from the city, and practice her mother's music. Her mother's because she became convinced that it was her mother's soul that flowed through her when she played.

It was on one of these sabbaticals outside of the city that the events of the waves played out. Willy had gone on one of the longest walkabouts she'd ever been, hopping trains, hitch-hiking, occasionally just taking a bus, looking for the perfect place to practice and unwind. Something drove her away from the coast (she will, if pressed, confess that she thinks it's her father's ghost) and inland. The first wave passed her by without her noticing. (The sudden lack of cars to hitch rides with was her only clue.) The second wave she noticed, but didn't understand what was happening (seeing as there were no radios or televisions to explain it).

Then the third wave struck and the horror of the new reality dawned. Again, though, this was just a new harshness in an already harsh life. It was bad, make no mistake, and she still has areas of her mind that are heavily scarred that she carefully locks away to relive only in her nightmares. Yet, it almost seemed as if her life had been training her for this very point. Her skills, her attitude, all primed to help her survive in the new world of grim horror. Survive and thrive, just like she did in the streets.


Willy's frame is on the light side, from what little of it can be seen through the layers of loose clothing of dubious provenance that covers it. Through the grime and the greasy, badly-chopped hair, the light tan of someone of Asian extraction can be found, accented by the obvious angular features of the eastern part of the Asian continent: not Han, at least not entirely, but perhaps Mongolian a tad? Maybe some Manchu blood?

(It doesn't really matter, of course, since they all look the same here in Middle America anyway, right?)

Willy carries that slim frame reasonably well. There's nothing ostentatious about it. Arms, legs, torso, aren't especially muscular (not even when euphemized as "wiry"). Nor are the movements especially graceful or flowing or any of the usual things that conceal a killer or such. About the only thing really noteworthy thing are the eyes: almond shaped eyes with irises of such a dark brown that only in the brightest light do they not look like extensions of the pupil. Eyes that never stop, always move, flicking hither and thither as they rest on anything and everything in the vicinity. These are the eyes of a survivor, one who hides from trouble after seeing it.

Aside from the aforementioned loose, mismatched clothing in colours of blue, red, green, and yellow (but all in the dark end of those shades), Willy has an oddly out-of-place light pink knapsack that looks more like it belongs on a cheerleader at a senior middle school than it does on a scavenger and nomad. An old leather satchel, badly beaten and abused, hangs too from her left side, its weight showing that there's stuff in there, although what it is cannot, of course, be seen.


None. And that's just how she likes it. If they don't know about you, they don't look for you.

RP Hooks

I get by with a little help from…
Willy's chequered past brings with it a lot of menial skills at novice levels. She'd make an excellent assistant in a lot of jobs like mechanic, blacksmith, groundskeeper, nanny, carpenter, cook, etc. She's not good at any of them, but she knows enough to take instruction and do what she's told.
Nepotism is best kept in the family
Willy's mother was a musical performer of some note in the international folk and classical music scene. People in that scene, or in related ones, might be aware of her mother and could use that as a hook to get under Willy's skin.
Face the music
Willy is herself a self-taught musical prodigy … albeit in one very specific family of instruments (ocarinas). She has a natural grasp of the instrument that she plays in an idiosyncratic, but very skillful way. Fellow musicians may wish to take note. Note especially she has no formal musical training: can't read music, knows nothing of formal musical theory, etc. This is another avenue of RP.
Veteran of the psychic wars
Willy is deeply broken and was so long before the Waves began. She's a loner at heart and only makes temporary alliances of convenience. Yet she could offer so much more as part of a community. Persuading her of this, and of the advantages to her of this, is a very ripe field for RP.


It's nothing personal. She doesn't like people much. This includes you, probably.
Mr. Greene is arguably the largest scar in her mental catalogue of wounds. He even overshadows her parents' deaths.
In the end you live alone and you die alone. Everything else is temporary.
Sometimes to the point of bluntness. She doesn't lie. But she will just stop talking to say a truth she doesn't want to communicate.


  • English, Mandarin, Cantonese, with English being the dominant one now.


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Doctor of sorts. Seems nice enough, if perhaps a bit prone to preaching. Good for trade. Seems to like music.

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Easy to get along with and seems to know the area. Could learn the lay of the land from her.

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Pied Piper
Doesn't talk much, but decided not to kill Willy. Baozi in the steamer, so very good source of trade. Seems to like music.


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