Event Horizon
Event Horizon
Portrayed By Myself
Gender Male
Place of Birth Montana
Date of Birth 09/1991
Age 23
Aliases Mike: PC is Alicia
Position Writer of Plots


Alright folks, after an almost two month stint in the hospital due to the inability to breathe, I'm now back! I've decided that for now I'm just going to Staff as I work on catching myself back up on what's been going on, though you may see Alicia crop up as a set piece for new plots once I get around to running them. I have a few ideas in the works from before I disappeared that I'll be refining and running past AU to make sure it'll be kosher with everything else that is going on. See you soon!


College student, father of a beautiful 4 year old little girl. I've been playing text-based role play games for almost a decade now though not very many of them, pretty loyal player, stay on the same game for several years at a time. I helped build the AvP Mud that was popular back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Started playing tabletop games.. oh six or seven years ago now, DM'ing them nearly as long. Huge sci-fi nerd, huge fantasy nerd.

RP Hooks

I am mostly going to stick to the human horror element of the game, I would really like to pick up the bandit story line once I see how AU wants them played/run and I am going to be making a few of the other survivor groups you'll be running across. I can run anything though I'll most likely be referring Alien plottage to AU since that is more her thing (And she's actually read the books).

I also play the character Alicia Tavers so if you ever want to play with her and she's not online just check if I am and gimme a shout!


Monday days are good for me for the most part, the evenings I have booked watching a live stream on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel.

Tuesday days and evenings are good as well.

Wednesdays I will only be available for Staff duties but not RP or running scenes, and Wednesday evenings I have a tabletop game I am playing in.

Thursdays also only Staff duties, as I do the bulk of my schoolwork on this day.

Fridays are less available as not only am I finishing up schoolwork I also have another tabletop game Friday days into evenings that runs rather long.

Saturdays I am free all day and night for what ever is needed.

Sundays day I am busy finishing off schoolwork, Sunday evenings are iffy depending on the amount of schoolwork I have left to do by the time so that is a timeslot I'll be playing by ear.

In summary, Monday days, Tuesday all day/night, and Saturday all day/night are the best times I can schedule in running scenes, I can however move some things around except for Monday evenings and Sundays for anyone that needs it for a scene.

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